...spooky sweets

I have the best neighbors. Ever. They celebrate the season changes by bringing us treats. Really! Cookies on the first day of spring. Homemade bread and jam for fall. I thought I'd join in the fun for the upcoming spooky holiday by sharing some homemade goodness with them.

I made these cute little tags to attach to my clear, cellophane baggies. And as a gift to you, I created a printable freebie!

01. Click on the image above & save to your computer. Print on cardstock.
02. Cut out little tags. Punch a hole in the top of tag. Attach tag to your treat with bakers twine or whatever your heart desires.
03. Deliver your yummy treat to the trickster of your choice.


  1. These are so cute. Thank you. Can we blog about this??

  2. Those are so cute! I can't wait to attach these to my halloween goodie bags. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday!

  3. I love your style. These are so cute!

  4. These are sooooo cute! Are you doing a fall swap? :) the spring one was so fun! :)

  5. dawn: of course you can blog about them! if you want to use an image, please use the one that is not the freebie and link them back to this post to get the freebie. thanks!

    tiffany: i am not doing a fall swap. too much on my plate right now with the pregnancy and work, but I am sure there will be another one next year.

  6. Thanks, girl! These are awesome :) PS - sounds like you have the best neighbors ever.

  7. oh so handy and adorable. what a sweetheart you are, hannah!

    ps. am so glad to 'meet' you and thank you for your wonderful words on my blog! truly, you are so sweet.

    pps. totally loving your delightful spot here. can't wait to go add it to my google reader.

  8. thanks for the comment! and an even bigger thanks for the tags! inspiring to whip up something...for someone :)
    i have stopped by here before, but will have to become a regular! great stuff!

  9. thank you! these tags are so cute. I just printed out a few pages and can't wait to use them.

  10. Thank you for sharing!

    These tags will look perfect for my annual fall treat. I make friends and neighbors delicious caramel apples every year. This will add the perfect touch!

  11. I love these super cute tags! I hope you don't mind that I've featured them and a link to your page in my hub here:


    Hope that's okay. Thanks so much! Happy Halloween to you.

  12. I know this is an older post but I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the cute tags. I used them today on some Halloween treats.

    I showed them off on my blog post today and linked back to you. :)


  13. This is great. I just found a cute something I wanted to make for halloween (betty crocker's spooky brownies) and this would be perfect to go with it.


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