This Thanksgiving brings with it many emotions for our family, but the one that is the strongest is gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:
a warm house | slobbery toddler kisses | love notes from my hub | my comfy, warm bed | steady freelance work | a secure job | christmas shopping | the upcoming holiday to relax with family | cuddling in pjs while watching a good flick | sweet 4-year-old prayers for her cousin | living in a safe and beautiful place | best friends who are my sisters and sister-in-laws | a husband who loves my cooking and lets me know | smiles | hugs | crafting books and pretty yarn | cold cereal | blogging friends | fresh produce | the temple and eternal families | bakers twine in 4 colors | a car that still runs | warm soup and homemade bread | cinnamon special k | a bouncing bundle of joy growing inside me | hot showers | a washing machine and clean sheets | bounteous craft supplies | good books | peppermint chapstick | my new pretty, ruffly purse | siblings who give me pretty, ruffly purses | steel cut oats with crasins | comfortable dress shoes | luxurious shampoo | our heater | clementine oranges | yummy perfume | beautiful, chilly days enjoyed from inside | hot chocolate with extra whipped cream | dulce de leche cheesecake | costco diapers | a nice camera | hub's jokes and humor | a full fridge and pantry | my silly dog | franklin planners | pens that write just-so | phone chats with family | a handy husband | my girly-girl's made-up princess songs | good health | wonderful friends, old and new | loving extended family | answers to prayer | only having 7 more weeks before I get to hold baby #3 | my belief in God | my faith | freedom to worship as i wish | a supportive husband | beautiful children

I could keep going. I have so much to be grateful for. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of turkey and pie. A special thanks goes out to you, my blogging friends, who have made writing this blog such a joy.

Enjoy this little clip:


  1. Such a great list, Hannah! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to remember the simple things. Glad you like the ruffly purse :)
    Great clip.

  3. Lovely list.
    I agree with many. Especially the clean sheets, peppermint lip gloss and awesome pens.
    Happy Thankgsgiving!

  4. What an adorable blog! I love your gratitude list. I should really do one. Looking forward to reading more! :)


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