...on my mind

-Adoring THESE shoes. Birthday is less than one week away (woot!) and am tempted to spend my birthday money buying one of each color.

-Planning my Thanksgiving dish assignments. Have become famous for my candied yam recipe with the in-laws and am now assigned to make them every year. (I'll post the recipe this week.) It is one of the only recipes I made up on my own. So simple. So yummy. So not diet approved.
Was also asked to make the stuffing. Am debating between Marta's Recipe and Jeri's Recipe. Am tempted to make both, but worried that would be going overboard.

-Designing away. Working on a magazine redesign and getting the documents done before Thanksgiving break. It has put me a little behind with my freelance jobs, so my work is starting to pile up. Forgive me for the sparse posting over the next week.

-Working on the Utah feature for Kirei Nest. Exciting things planned to spotlight the beautiful Beehive State. Watch for it early next month.

-Making my annual Thank You cards. November is the month of being thankful and I try to let the generous and wonderful people in my life know how grateful I am by sending them a homemade, handwritten note in the post.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Hope yours is warm; full of a cup of hot chocolate with an over-sized dollop of whipped cream.


  1. cute shoes! unfortunately i think i would fall all over myself in them, me and high heels don't mix well.

    can't wait for your yummy dishes and thanksgiving. i'll be there with my.. eh hem... frog eye salad.

  2. Can't wait to see your Utah feature. And can't wait for your birthday! Can we plan some sort of lunch date before the babies start coming and we're both in a fog? Let me know how things are looking for you.

  3. Hilary. haha! I vote we change the name of that salad. It sounds so...uh...unappetizing.

    Christina: can we please???? We better do it soon! You are so close!

  4. I love those shoes!!! I want them! I need them!

    Oh, and I would love it if you would e-mail me your recipe for candied yams. I'm making them next week and need something to blow people away. Are they made with fresh yams or canned?


  5. Yes! I want your recipe for cadied yams! I have that assingment for my work Thanksgiving party on Thursday. Hope you can post it soon... Thanks!


  6. Cute shoes! I am the biggest clutz so I could never do those! :(
    Happy birthday! When is it? Mine is the 22nd.

  7. my birthday is the 23rd. yay for November birthdays!

  8. Hannah, you should for sure make both recipes. You can never have too much stuffing IMO :)

  9. Hannah, you have such good taste in shoes... well in everything. :) I have a similar shoe and I LOVE it-- in fact I wish I had a pair in a few different colors so I say GO FOR IT! :)

  10. those shoes are delicious, and I love your idea of Grateful notes, may have to borrow that one.

  11. what a wonderful idea to write thank you notes, i might have to bookmark and steal this idea!

  12. OH MY!! I LOVE those shoes!! I showed them to Jac and told him I could use a pair for Christmas!!!!
    LOVE your posts!!:D

  13. am here to wish you an early happy happy birthday! hope you are treated like a queen all day long. wishing you luck on choosing favorites for the kirei nest, utah has so many good things. and i vote for any stuffing with the addition of sausage, really it makes a world of delicious difference. i am going to have to dumb down my recipe with dry bread bits.. but getting the real deal fancy bread with craisins or rosemary really makes a difference too. mmm. stuffing is my favorite. can't wait to hear how it all goes.

    happy birthday.


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