He is a wise man who
does not grieve for the things
which he has not,
but rejoices for those
which he has.

I love November. This month is still magical. The anticipation of the BIG holidays is upon us. (Not to mention my birthday, which is also celebrated this month.) Now that I have Halloween out of the way, I am ready to start my holiday planning. I already have my Thanksgiving trip planned, Christmas giving-to list made, and homemade cookie dough in the freezer, ready to be baked and delivered to neighbors. I chose the pie I want to make for Thanksgiving and the recipes printed for my family's Christmas Around the World party. I am ready.

Christmas also marks the day this bouncing baby in my belly becomes full term. From that day on, we will be ready to welcome the darling babe into this world. Yes, the holidays will be happy this year.

But, let us not forget Thanksgiving: the holiday of good food and family. The holiday where we remember the abundance in our life. And, I do have plenty of things to be grateful for. Today, I am thinking about the loved ones in my life:

01. My sweet husband. How could I not think of him first? J is the ultimate. He is so kind. A magnificent father, and a caring friend and son, and a sweet & gentle husband. He is perfect, or at least very, very close.
02. My adorable son who always is wearing that silly grin and making us laugh with his teasing ways.
03. My sensitive, loving daughter who takes after her father in so many ways. She teaches me to think of others and to love unconditionally.
04. My sisters/best friends: Sarah for being such an elegant example. She is always dressed to the hilt and cooking the gourmet. Ready for a party at all times and suppling nursing advise generously. Missy for loving my kids and being so generous in every way. Jenny for making sure our kids are the best of buds and for all the phone calls and chats. Hilary for being so kind and fun. For the long talks about our pregnancies and work.
05. My parents for their support and concern. Dad for knowing all the answers and loving my kids. Mom for being my favorite person to talk to and always making me laugh.
06. My new pup. We are still getting to know each other, but the whole family has fallen head-over-heels for the havanese cutie.
I have so many others I could list: my brothers, my teachers, my friends. I have such a wonderful support system in my life. So many great people. My heart is truly full thinking about everyone.

And that is what this month is about for me. Carrying a heart full of gratitude with me always. Seeing how good I really have it.


  1. Sweet Post, Hannah. I love that picture of your son and dog. It made me laugh.


  2. great post. Makes me remember all the ways I am blessed.
    thank you!
    (and you are a lucky girl!)

  3. Thanks for the kind words! :)
    We are lucky to have such great family huh?

  4. thanks hannah. I am thankful for our chats as well. it has been so much fun to share my last two pregnancies during the same time as yours. :) can't wait for our new little guys to be best buds!

  5. Um, girl, do you have a few extra hours in the day I don't know about!? I have my gift list made and some gifts bought, but man...you're so far ahead it's nuts!


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