...throwing a halloween party

The Halloween party was a great success. It was fairly low key. I told my almost 5-year-old that she could pick 5 friends to invite. (That's my rule to keep my social-bug daughter from throwing an enormous bash. A 5-year-old gets 5 friends; an 8-year-old gets to invite 8 friends. It was also all that my can-no-longer-bend-over-pregnant-belly self could handle.)

We had plenty of activities and the kids were adorable in their costumes. We had a fairy, a cat, a fighter-jet pilot, an astronaut, and a spider. Oh...and my youngest came as a nudist because he refused to wear his elephant costume to the party. (The joys of having an independent minded 2-year-old.) We ate plenty of sweets, thanks to my daughter who insisted on having cookies AND cupcakes at her party. The kids didn't seem to mind...

01. Monster Posters: Each of the children were given a set of markers to keep and a monster poster to color while we waited for all the guests to arrive. I didn't realize that this would be the favorite event of the party, or I would have allotted more time towards it.
02. Pass the Pumpkin: Similar to hot potato. Daughter chose to play to the tune of "Monster Mash." Each child won a stuffed monster.
03. Monster Walking: Basically Red Light, Green Light, but with monster movement rules.
04. Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Decorating: Each child received a pre-frosted sugar cookie made by yours truly and a baggie full of goulish treats to decorate with. (Halloween colored M&Ms, Candy Eyes, Candy Bones, Candy Bats.)
05. Ghost Hunting: Think Easter Egg Hunting but with a Halloween twist. The kids ran off their stored energy outside while looking for "ghosts." (Lollipops wrapped in white tissue paper and colored-on eyes.)
06. Licorice Eating Contest: Ate licorice from a string without using their hands. A real feat for a 4-5 year old.
07. Cupcakes: The kids finished off the party by devouring a cupcake while waiting for their mothers to pick them up.

We gave each child a little favor bag to take home with a Frankenstein notepad, monster stamp and stamp-pad, pencil, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and pumpkin bubbles.

Thanks for coming, cute kiddos! We had a blast.


  1. So fun! Looks like you and E threw a great boo bash.

  2. Such a fun party! Lucky kiddos :)

    I've been hanging out at your blog for a little bit, and just wanted to say how beautiful I think it is! Well done!

  3. Katie had a blast. And that monster coloring poster has been a popular item over here - Katie & McKenna both have been coloring it like crazy.

  4. Darren came straight home and finished coloring the entire poster. He would not go to bed until it was done. Great party he had a blast!

  5. Awww... how adorably cute! Thanks for sharing!


  6. super duper spooky + sweet. those cupcakes look divine. am glad your halloweenie loved the day. i love that bubbling brew.. seriously fantastic.

  7. What is that amazing scalloped cake plate?! I think I'm in love.

  8. Michelle...the cake stand is from Farmhouse Wares. Love that store.

    See here:

  9. Your babies are sooo cute! Thanx for stopping by and thanx for the new follow! Do you make bloggy buttons?? I saw you are a graphic designer so I was thinking maybe.

  10. Love the little spider costume - too adorable!


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