...let the festivities begin

In the midst of my husband's finals and my design work, we are trying to fit in a little holiday celebrating. My-oh-my, how I love watching my kids' eyes sparkle every time we drive by a home decorated with lights or a window full of toys and candy. This season is truly magical in the heart of every child and a joy to watch for every parent.

We started off our celebrating by attending the Festival of Trees, a room packed with over 800 trees of every shape, size and theme. The trees, as well as the other donated items, are auctioned off. Every penny earned is donated to help Primary Children's Medical Center. Because of the recent passing of my sweet nephew who received care from that hospital, we decided we should go and support.

The South Towne Expo Center is HUGE and every square inch seemed to be filled with lights. The room smelled of cinnamon scones and roasted nuts. (My sweet brother-in-law treated us all to scones. Delisch! Must try to recreate them soon.) My kids' delight was totally apparent as they danced around, trying to run and touch every tree in the room. Thank heavens for strollers that restrain curious 2-year-olds from knocking over all the pretty displays. Other than the ballerinas performing on the stage, my children were most entranced by the gingerbread village. Isn't the "UP" house amazing? All those balloons are made of jelly beans. Genius!

And so it begins. We kicked off the season with a bang; we even saw our first snow on the way home. It made our day complete. My kids are fully ready for Santa to come.

Hope your start to this magical month has been lovely as well.


  1. You have such beautiful children! That festival looks fantastic. I wish I could have attended with my own kids.


  2. Adorable post, and even cuter kids! That jelly bean balloon is absolutely amazing. That would be fun to recreate for a birthday if you had a kid that was crazy about jelly beans!

  3. Someone sent me a link to your blog. I am the maker of the "Up" gingerbread house. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! We made it in honor of our preemie twins (now totally healthy kids). The twins even worked on it so that made it extra fun.

    Gorgeous blog and adorable kiddies!

  4. my mother in law used to volunteer at the festival of trees and loves to go every year. i went with her this year and loved seeing all of the different designs. man, did i want one of the cinnamon rolls though...still wish i would have bought one. they smelled so good.


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