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Received an email today with the notification above. I can't believe I am 38 weeks! This pregnancy has flown by, but at the same time, it seems that I have been pregnant forever. I can't remember what it feels like to not be uncomfortable. I visited with my darling friend, Christina, last week to drop off a baby gift and sneak a peek of her little new cutie. Oh, my! The sweetest little baby boy. He made me so excited to hold my own little one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was absolutely perfect and simple. I loved being with my family. Parents flew in from Hawaii, brother flew in from DC and the rest of my family drove in from their corners of the state. It was wonderful to be together.
I'm signing off for a while to ring in the new year and prepare for another cute babe in the house. Who knows...maybe my next post will be to introduce you all to him.

Any ideas for cute boy names? (Middle name has been chosen for 9 months but we are majorly struggling with the first.)


  1. Oh boy names are sooo hard!
    Jackson aka Jack
    hmm i will think some more.

    Oh and thanks for the help today! I love it!

  2. you have plenty of time to pick one! :)

    I have a great GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by if you'd like to win!


  3. Happy New Year in advance. I can't wait to see the baby.

    What about: Christian,Ray,Jerry,Pat

  4. We named our son Jamin--long a, borrowed from some greek friends of ours. It is actually in the bible (i found out after we named him!) son of Simeon--listing of tribes of israel. good luck with your search, naming is the hardest part i think!

  5. My fav biblical names

    Jude (fingers crossed I have another boy and get to use this one)
    Luke (I think its the no one name in Utah this year, beware)

    But if you want something biblical, you've probably already considered those.

  6. LOVE your family photo. Love it.

    Jackson is one of my all time favorite boy names... would've name my son that if we didn't decide to stick with "S" names. Schaeffer is different, but charming. There's a kid in my son's class is named Major. Different, but he's such a cutie - it fits him. I love Benjamin - Ben for short. I also love Ethan (just don't think about Soap Operas, it kind of reminds me of those... but otherwise I love it...lol!)

    Ok... that was fun - leaving before I get any desire to name babies for myself...lol!

  7. Those past 9 months have flown! Can't wait to meet him. You always pick great names. You still have time - I mean, after he is born you at least have 24 hours to choose :)

  8. Our friends have a little boy named Keean (said like Key-in)... it is Irish. I absolutely love the name!

  9. maxfield.
    but beware, if this littl lady comes out a boy we're using it too. haha, that would be so funny if she came out a boy. NOT.
    my mom lives in hawaii too. where do yours live? she's on kauaii.
    i just thought to myself yesterday that i feel like i've been pregnant for more than a year this time, but that it's gone by really fast too. weird how you can feel both ways.

  10. Here are a few to stay away from: Dick, Lester, Chester, Gaylord, Doogie, Won Won, Edward/Jacob (not that there is anything REALLY wrong with those names, but, y'know), Tiger... Hope that helps ;)

  11. Haha! Oh, Bethany...you crack me up.

  12. Have you heard of "The Baby Name Wizard" book by Laura Wattenberg? One of the book's features is that it lists names that go well with the names of your other children. Just a thought if you're stuck.

  13. Happy New Year and good luck with everything. We're all girls over here so I'm afraid I'm no help in the boy section. I'm sure the right one will manifest itself when you see him :)

  14. Milo, Felix, Edmund, Malcolm, Duncan, Asher, Maxwell, Charles, oh I got a million boy names.

    (I can see Sarah wrinkling her nose as I wrote those)

    The top 10 names for Utah last year were:
    Ethan (you can't swing a bat without hitting 12)

    My vote is that you avoid anything in the top ten. My naming goal for children has always been to never name them a top ten name (my sister is a Jennifer.)

  15. Good luck to you - hope the babe comes sooner than later.

  16. On our third child...my husband and I made brackets (tournament-style) and pitted names against one another. We found ourselves rooting for one name and not so much for others. I think sometimes that we know what we want already but just need some prodding to make ourselves choose. The name tournament brackets made for a great baby book addition!

  17. I love thinking up names for other people! My boy's names are still my all time favorites (Joshua, Micah, Peter) but I love Seth, Henry (Hank), James, John, Noah, Isaac (Ike), Jeremiah . . .

    Good luck in the next few weeks!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog the other day. I love bloggie friends!

  18. Happy new year and best of luck to you with the new baby! :)

  19. I can't wait for baby news from you and I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm hoping I can find a day this week- I'll email you. I agree that boy names are the hardest. I definitely struggled this time with the perfect fit for our little boy. On our list that didn't get used this time were Abraham (Abe), Isaac (Ike), and Gabriel (Gabe). I know you'll find something perfect- your kids have such great names.

  20. That is the cutest picture of your family! Your kids are adorable.

    I like Isaac, Jacob, and Mark.


  21. congrats and good luck. I like the old fashioned names. Our little boy was born the beginning of Dec. and we named him Franklin.

  22. dear hannah banana...
    love all your fun posts. I am SUCH a big fan of your Christmas card you sent out! TOO cute!!!

    I knew our due dates were close, but didn't realize we were DAYS a part! Too fun!! I'm excited for you guys!

    I'll keep watching for updates! Good luck getting through these last few uncomfortable days! :)

    (my favorite comment is when people say, "rest up now, b/c soon you won't be able to sleep..." and I think, "wait! i can't sleep now! i am a WHALE!" :) Love it.

    Anyway, CYBER HIGH FIVE to you, cute Hannah!
    love melis

  23. I like:


    Good luck finding a name you love!

  24. Boys names! I have a whole list! Maybe I should have had more boys myself!
    Taylor (1st son)
    Trevor (2nd son) and if I had had more...
    Kai (means "Ocean")

    Good luck Hannah!


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