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-35 weeks pregnant today. Wow-wee! It's getting close. Haven't purchased anything for this little one. Relying on my storage of baby items to get me through. Maybe I should pull them out to see if I have everything I need? My last baby boy was a summer babe, so I may be in need of winter items. Loving this little outfit from Old Navy. Wouldn't that be perfect for bringing my baby home? I think so...

-2 weeks until Christmas. Starting to panic. I'll be full term Christmas Day. I have so much to do before this little baby arrives. Stocking stuffers to buy, cleaning to do, designs to complete, maternity leave instructions to give, parties to plan. I better get cracking. No more messing around with my computer camera...my kids favorite thing to do with me. Must.Keep.Working.
-Planning my neighbor gifts. Had expected to get them out last week, but alas, time ran away from me. Determined to get them out this week. Moon Bars or Cranberry Bars? Mmmm... Maybe both. (Recipes will for sure be added once I am done. Too good not to share.)

-Thinking about making Latkes for dinner tonight. Became a major fan of them in 3rd grade after giving an oral report on Hanukkah. Mom and I had to try out all the traditional Hanukkah recipes. You know us. Food...it is an important part of research!

-So grateful for wonderful news last night. My sweet friend, Meg, found out her cancer is in complete remission. This year, she lost her baby boy and found out she had cancer in a matter of months. So glad she received this tender mercy just weeks before Christmas. Shed a few tears of happiness for her yesterday and am still smiling today. Love you, Meg!!

-Hoping you are all enjoying beautiful December this year and are spending lots of time with loved ones. My husband finishes finals next week. We are planning lots of cuddle/movie/cider time once he and I are less busy. Cannot wait!


  1. I really like the outfit on the left. My boys are 17 months apart so all the winter clothes I have for my second son are either 6 months too big or 6 months too small!

  2. such a cute outfit. How exciting that you are on your last stretch! can't wait for the recipes.

  3. You are such a cute Mom. I can tell by that picture. Your kids love being with you.

    Good luck with you pregnancy. I hope you get all you need done!


  4. Those are some cute clothes! And your funny photo is great and perfect for the end of my work day!

  5. Thank you Hannah... you know I've been so happy I hadn't cried about it until I read your post ;). It is the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for!!! Thanks for all your support and friendship, love you! And I also love the brown and white stripped outfit... adorable!!

  6. You're right...that little outfit is an adorable one to bring your snuggly baby home in.

    Hope the last few weeks of your pregnancy are smooth!

  7. How neat to have a brand new baby for Christmas.

  8. That is an adorable outfit. I actually have both of those colors (the blue and the brown) in different sizes. I was given them by my sisters as hand-me-down baby clothes. Love them!! So exciting that you are getting so close! Having a brand new baby around christmas is so wonderful... we had it last year!

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  10. i love old navy baby clothes. SO much.


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