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Two more gifts to buy and I will be DONE with Christmas shopping! Oh, how excited I am to be done. I can wrap and focus on Christmas fun.

Presents are done, it is true, but stockings are another story. I struggle with stuffing stockings. It is hard to think of clever mini presents! I have been known to frantically buy the little items on Christmas Eve in a panic, plumping the sock with whatever came in size miniature. (Thoughtless gifts that were tossed a few days after Christmas. What a waste!) I'm planning early this year so I can enjoy the season.

I found lots of great things, so I've separated them into sections. Today, little gifts for Her. Stay tuned in days to come for ideas for the munchkins and handsome fellows in your life.

01. Bath Salts - Make Martha's easy recipe or buy a yummy smelling bag from the store.
02. Ribbon - Pretty satin ribbon in bulk. Pure heaven.
03. Fingerless Gloves - It's getting chilly here. I'd love a pair of the fingerless variety for driving.
04. Nail Polish - Loving the holiday selection from SEPHORA by OPI...especially that deep green!
05. MY M&M'S® Signature Gift Box - A gift whose message will melt in her mouth, not in her hand. Chocolate is always good, but personalized chocolate? To die for.
06. Netflix Subscription
07. Day Planner - For the women like me, who will never give up paper planners.
08. Fiat Luxe Felted Soap - Anthropologie, we heart you and your cleverness.
09. Mini Diaries - Made by the lovely Marta
10. iTunes Gift Card
11. Knit and Crochet Needles and Yarn
12. Pretty Tape - LOVING these tapes.
13. Awesome Lipgloss - I love Mary Kay lipgloss. Fancy Nancy and Beach Bronze are my favorites.
14. Magazine & Promised Subscription
15. My Quotable Kid: Great way to remember all those hilarious things kids say.


  1. Thank you for the ideas! I am in charge of stocking this year and am taking a lot of your ideas for filling them.


  2. I want you to be in charge of filling my stocking.

    For the kids we always do art supplies and things they need, like hair stuff or underwear or socks, or gift cards to go on dates with their parents. It makes it easy to plan for and we know how much to budget in advance.

  3. how do i secretly send this list to my husband? hehe. great ideas for office gifts too! thanks!

  4. I made bath salts for my clients last year at Christmas time. They all loved that.


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