...winner, winner!

A big thanks to Tapeswell for the awesome giveaway! I think we can all agree that their products are amazing. (I wish I could have entered! My, oh, my; how I wish I had a stack of those envelope wraps. Crossing my fingers that santa took the hint. Maybe I'll find some in my stocking.)

Anyway...on to the winner. Congrats, Jodie! I don't have your contact info, so if I don't hear from you in the next 48 hours, I'll draw a new name.

Also, thanks for the concerned emails. Not to worry...life is looking up. It's not really something I can talk about, but it has made me extremely grateful for a wonderful, supportive husband who has been there with me every hard step of the way. (Love you, J! I must be the luckiest woman alive to have you for an eternal companion!)

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