Cookies. I heart Trader Joe's

Ode to my sweet neighbor and friend, Heather, for bringing me a sweet new-mommy package containing the YUMMIEST cookies ever. I envy anyone who lives near a Trader Joe's. (Or maybe I am grateful that their isn't one nearby; these cookies are 150 calories EACH! I don't think I'd ever loose my baby weight if I had the store in my neighborhood.)

To all you lucky folks who live near a beloved Trader Joe's, please purchase a box of these for yourself. Your mouth will be happy and I'll be envious.

Oh...and speaking of fattening food, I started my post-natal diet this week. After I finished off the package of delectable cookies, I rededicated myself to healthy eating. My exercise regime will begin in a couple weeks. Can't wait to go to spinning class again. Here's to a healthy lifestyle and getting this body back in shape!


  1. A trader Joe's JUST opened up a few minutes away from where we live. I have yet to go browse...I want to wait until I can go kid-free!

    Um, I may have to go with the kiddos just to get those peppermint badboys, they look SO tasty!

  2. Those look fabulous! We have a Trader Joe's nearby. I'm going to make my way over there. Why is it that I buy anything you suggest??


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  4. Mmm. I wish we had a TJ's close.


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