Oh, what a beautiful morning. there is beauty all around

Last night, we tucked the kids in bed and then headed downstairs for date-night. (With a newborn, date-nights are at home, but I love our home-dates!) We opened our large family-room window and watched the huge snowflakes fall against the pink sky. I so wish I had taken a picture of that sky! It was breathtaking and so bright, even at the late-night hours! J and I were in awe.

When I woke up this morning, the sky was a brilliant blue and the sunshine was making the snow sparkle. I may be a cold-weather wimp, but it is nights and days like these that make me love winter. If only we could skip the cold/melty/muddy/in-between season days...

Other things I am loving this week:

01. Baby cuddles. I love snuggling this new baby! His nuzzling melts my heart!
02. These darling family trees. My cute friend Meg is so talented. I am going to be the proud owner of one of her new tree designs, which will be available soon. Keep checking back to see her awesome stuff!
03. These Four Fun Blogs. I love finding new (to me) good reads.
04. Burt's Bees Peppermint chapstick.
05. Adoring siblings. (Sometimes TOO adoring.) My darlings are loving their new baby brother. Nothing makes a mom happier than seeing siblings adore each other.
06. Baby sneezes.
07. My mom's cooking. Oh, how I will miss her when she flies back to Hawaii on Tuesday. She lives too far away.
08. Garden planning. Our local news informed me that I have a little over a month before I need to start planting. I'm so excited!
09. Valentine's plans. My husband is "in-charge" of our Valentine's Day this year, but I have a few things up my sleeve as well. I'll be sharing soon.

10. New earrings. Love Jessica's shop!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! We are headed to IKEA today to pick up a new dresser for the boys...and maybe a new table.


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  2. hannah! thanks for the intro to the new blogs.. how lovely are they? and thanks for sharing the loveliness from your yard as well.. i'm loving the snow PLUS sunshine. that's the best. do enjoy that cuddly new one!

  3. oooh the sonw! I adored It!! Nice pics and nice blog ;)

  4. I love those earings. You know, my birthday is coming up... ;)

  5. cute blog! and i love your designs...

  6. Nature at one of it's finest moments. Gorgeous photos.

  7. We always do date nights at home - after the kids go to bed.

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