Sherbet Blossom Designs. cute blogger premades templates

I've had lots of requests for premade blog designs; a cheaper alternative to my custom blog designs. You can get a premium look...without the premium price. (Seriously cheap! They start at just $25!) Right now, they are all designed for Blogger, but I will be adding Wordpress designs in the next couple months.

I'm adding more and more as the weeks go on, so keep checking back.

Also...I am taking requests. Let me know what types of premades you would like to see and I may design it over the next few weeks. (You can leave a comment here or fill out the form over on my design site.)

Here are some of my most recent additions: (See more by clicking HERE.)


  1. You are so talented, those look great!

  2. I'd love to see a 2 column blog that's wide like your current blog, but with the side column smaller and the text column larger (I think this is probably closest to "pink storefront").

    Then I'd like it if the pictures displayed really big automatically. I'm not sure if this can be done. And along the same lines, it would be awesome if the pictures posted with rounded corners. I think that really sets them off as different.

    I like a more simplistic blog design. Something a little more clean and a little less girly.

    And finally, it absolutely has to print out white. I use up a ton of ink printing my blog and mailing it to my grandmother. I can't have the boarders print out in color.

    Can it be done!? If so, I'm signing up to buy it.

  3. Cute! I think this will do REALLY well. I can't wait to see more SB designs popping up!

  4. I LOVE your style! I'd like to see something with swirly foliage (starting a gardening blog).

  5. I adore the new designs.I just feel like I want something that is my own. I know the baby is coming soon, but any chance you can work in one for me? I don't want nothing to complicated, cute pastel colors, cakes,cupcakes and cookies,3 colums, maybe medium size pictures. I just love your work.

  6. Love your newest forwarding to my SIL for her blog! You have such a fun flair to your design...I just love them all! :)

    Have been thinking of you...hope you are feeling well, any day now right?? Best to you!!


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