I've been thinking. nothing in particular

I was up into the wee hours working last night. Finally hit the pillow at 2am. My baby was sleeping fabulously, but I had too much running through my brain to sleep. (Just my luck.) I pulled out a blank notebook. It is now full of ideas and notes and plans and to dos. Lots of lists. I find the only way I can stop my head is to get the ideas down on paper. Crossing my fingers that I get some rest tonight.

01. I've been thinking about my recent shoe purchase. So cute and comfy. I officially have no clothes to wear with them. With every baby, my body changes a little, leaving my wardrobe severely lacking. I am on the hunt for stylish clothes...at a bargain. I feel very out of touch with fashion right now, so I plan on showing you the bargain outfit and getting your advise before I make the purchase. Will you help me?? (First item of business: should I buy some Toms?)

02.  I've been thinking about the magazine I design. I am currently working on the May issue of Cards and am in love with all the new trends used and papers available. (Our submitters are amazing!) The May issue has inspired me to break out my crafting supplies and make some cards. (I just ran out of thank yous last week, so I am in dire need!)

04. I've been thinking about my freelance design clients. I am so grateful for all of the people who have contacted me and am so excited to open up my shop in a few weeks. I'm just settling into being a mother-of-3, but I'll open for business as soon as I feel that I have it under control.

05. I've been thinking about my cleaning system. I will have it available to you VERY soon. I'm really excited about it! My home's cleanliness has really been lacking since having the babe and I am ready to get back on track.

06. I've been thinking about Formspring. I opened an account after reading this recommendation. It's another one of those twitter/facebook/buzz things, but this one is less of a popularity contest. With Formspring, anyone can ask a question anonymously or with a name and I will do my best to answer it.  Thanks to those of you who have already asked me a question. It has been a lot of fun already! (If you open up an account, let me know. I am sure that I'd have a question for you!)

07. I've been thinking about redesigning this blog. I know I recently did, but I am ready to have something more simple and streamlined. My life is already complicated; I want to simplify everything I can. (Your opinions are welcome.)

08. I've been thinking about my kids. I've been away from this blog for a week because of them. My sensitive daughter has needed her mommy as a playmate. I've been up to my neck in Barbies and dress ups all week.  My darling, but crazy son has needed me to save his life more than once and my baby has been demanding my attention. We've also been sick around here. Mothering comes before blogging. Thank you for understanding my absense last week.


    2. Yes I would give advice on your possible bargain outfit except I was about to ask if you would take me shopping and become my fashion consultant.
    3. Dang those shoes are too cute!

  2. I can't wait to see your outfit around those shoes! Super cute!

    I also can't wait to learn to clean! Hehe! I am the worst!

  3. I'm super interested in your cleaning system! I'm still getting back into any kind of routine since having my baby too.. even though she's 13 months old. :) Can't wait to see it!

  4. Way cute shoes! I'm sure you know about this store, but I just went into it this past weekend at the mall. I usually pass it by because I thought it was for younger girls (not a 29 year old with 2 kids). I found a lot of cute tops for crazy cheap.
    Good luck shopping!

  5. LOVE the shoes! And I really like your blog as is, but a change is as good as a vacation, they say. Since I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, I'm cruising the blog world for new vistas.

  6. i just got my first pair of toms & really do love them. they are so comfortable...yet anyone who notices them is impressed since they are they 'style' right now. :)

  7. So good to have you back! (and we need updated pics of your newest addition!) :)

  8. YES to toms. i even just blogged about my 3rd pair! www.marlagrace.blogspot.com.
    my first two pair were the classic style in dickens (style they don't carry anymore) and in novia (which they still have). my 3rd piar is a lace-up pair. toms will stretch some, so don't be afraid if they're a little snug out of the box. i always order true to size.

  9. Enjoyed your blog...it has a good feel to it.

  10. You sound just like me! I can't sleep at night thinking of all I want to do and accomplish. Unfortunately I never write it down so I have forgotten it all by the next morning when I'm tired and unmotivated. Oh, well.

  11. I love my TOMS. They are so comfy and fit pretty snug on my skinny feet, which I like. I think they do stretch pretty nicely for wider feet too. You won't regret purchasing some TOMS.

    PS - I was eying those peep toe flats at Nordstrom. I want a pair so bad. They are darling.


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