Jewelry Making. pretty pearls

I made some pretty sweet earrings over the weekend and can't wait for an excuse to wear them out on the town. I am a jewelry-making novice, so if I can make can too! Here's how:

Cut 2 pieces of chain, 1 inch each. String 1 8mm pearl onto 1 headpin and connect to the first link on the chain with a wrapped loop. Repeat steps, connecting 1-2 pearls to each chain link. (I used 6mm and 8mm blue-ish and pink-ish pearls. See the technical terminology I use? I have no idea what their official names are.) Open the earwire loop using jewelry pliers and connect chain to earwire and close.

Have fun! Earrings are so fast and easy. A perfect little craft for the busy woman. I'm thinking about making a matching bracelet. Stay tuned. I had so much fun making these, the bracelet might actually happen!

Want some more jewelry-making ideas? Visit the Bead Trends blog. (I work as a graphic designer for the company that publishes Bead Trends. It is a wonderful publication!)


  1. Those are really adorable! My mother-in-law has been getting on the jewelry making bandwagon lately...I'm going to forward her your instructions and the link you posted. Thanks!

  2. SO CUTE Hannah!! I love them. I'll have to give them a try sometime soon.

  3. They are fabulous! They seem like you can dress up or wear jeans with them...I love that!


  4. Hi there,

    I am so glad I found your blog templates site! You have some beautiful templates! My blog is so blah so I am glad there is hope!!! Will be in touch!


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