Just for fun. what color are you?

I am always up for a quiz to explain myself to me. You know the ones. (I happen to be an ENFJ on this quiz.) Saw this one on How About Orange and couldn't resist.

 I happened to be a yellow, "You are quite the powerful thinker. It’s this talent that allows you to overcome a plethora of great obstacles. Luckily, this doesn’t affect your ego and you give off a pretty easy-going appearance. You enjoy the finer things in life and also have an attraction to art. If you can help it, you try not to rock the boat. But you also can’t stop yourself from searching for new ideas, methods or styles."

Not sure it is 100% true, but not TOO far off.

What color are you?

*Valentinesy post to come.


  1. I was yellow as well! Is this quiz rigged somehow? ;)

  2. I was black. Pretty true too! Surprising by the small number of questions asked.

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