I just designed a blog for Melea, the couponing queen. I discovered her blog when she was on our local news and was thrilled when she wanted me to redesign it! She has some wonderful information on her site for all of you wanting to cut back on spending and start using coupons. I have scored some excellent deals since following her blog. (I was checking out at Target a few weeks ago and my total for everything rang up to almost $200. After following Melea's tips, I couponed my way down to $98! Seriously!)

You all should really check out her blog. (Especially you Utahns!)


  1. just a little plug of the blog that my sister works for: Pocket Your Dollars.

    she's been working for it for a couple months and looks for sales every week and then posts the best deals in all the major superstores (Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target...)

    Check it'll definitely help you save those bucks :)

  2. So clean and pretty, you did a great job!! Thanks for following my blog, I'm going to go drool over your work now :)

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