Hello, March. thoughts for a new month

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Ours was not-so-fun, as we have an entire houseful of sickies. (Even my newborn. Oh, I hate when newborns have colds. It is so sad!) In better news: Baby D seems to be getting over his fussy/colicky self. He is turning into a delightful little personality and is always ready to give us a big, wide grin. He is truly a joy and we love him!

Other news:
01. I am planning a BIG Mother's Day celebration that will be held here in April! Expect some fabulous giveaways, wonderful gift-ideas, and pretty crafts for moms. Stay tuned! It will be great.
02. Are you reading Marta's blogging class?? It started today. I am so excited to learn from her!
03. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the outfit I put together and asking me to do more. I have a few other combos that I have put together and will post soon.
04. My chore chart has been sent to the printer and will be ready for purchase and/or downloading! I am so excited to share it with you!
05. My February goals were a success. Small goals are working much better for me. Are they for you? Click + Save + Print the March calendar below and set some goals for youself, if you'd like.


  1. I LOVED having the February calendar as a reminder of my short-term goals hanging on my fridge. Thank you for making the March on for us! I just printed it off and am posting writing my goals right now.

    So excited about your April Mother's Day plans. I will definitely be around and ready!


  2. Thanks for the reminder... I need to make my goals for this month, too.

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  4. Love this calendar. Just read.. .The cleaning system explained. What an inspiration you are!!! ;) Wonderful ideas! Thank you.


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