I Heart Lists.

I was informed recently that the correct way to blog is to separate your different subjects into different posts, but I must disagree. My favorite posts are random lists. Why not smash all the links and thoughts into one delicious post? How do you feel about the matter?

Experience the Random, List-y Goodness:
Hilary Lists
Marta Lists
Miranda Lists
Tiffany Lists
Summer Lists

And, in an effort to be truly rebellious, I will conclude by offering you a random list of my own.

--Thank you for the comments on my last post. I feel great about posting about the "real" uplifting things in my life. The too-personal items will be saved for my personal, non-virtual journal.
 --Watched Food Inc. and cried. My husband thought I was silly crying over chickens. We are now a hormone-free household. (Costco has hormone free eggs at a great price, by the way.) The movie really changed the way we eat. Watch it. "You'll never look at dinner the same way."
--Finally folded and put away that pesky pile of clothes. My house, which is in need of a serious spring-cleaning, is a tiny bit closer to clean.
--Bought a new pair of shoes at an insanely, almost free price. Thank you, coupon codes. Shoes for under $5 that are comfy AND cute? Be still my heart.
--Am head over heals for my new Papertry Ink Stamps. Have been card-making the weekend away. Stamping and coloring with copics. Sigh...
--Daughter seems to be a mini-me. She is an up-and-coming crafter and spent the weekend being my card-making partner on the craft table. She made a card for each of her aunts. Inside, she wrote, "Utah is Cold." So true.


  1. Very cute shoes!
    I am so grateful turqoise is in! It's one color that actually looks good on me...:)

    I have heard about Food Inc. I'm worried yet curious..

    I had not read your older post.. so I went back and read it. I liked it because I felt we had a heart to heart.. lol!

    Seriously though.. I think balance in blogging the "real" is a good thing for me. I want to see the good days.. and sympathize with those trying ones that my friends have. I like blogging for the connections.. and the friendships.. not so much the commercialization part of it.

    I saw that episode of house and I was soo bugged. She preferred her blog friends opinions over her husbands! What the heck?

    That's what is so great with blogging. We can choose who we want to visit and keep reading! :)

  2. Great tip about the Costco eggs! I have so many changes I want to make after watching Food, Inc. (there are many, many fabulous books in a similar vein if you ever want recommendations!), but we're struggling with ways to make it work with our grocery budget. I'm out of control and shopping at Wal-Mart seems to be my only option right now, something I would rather avoid.

    Few things make me happier than a visit to the Farmer's Market though, I love being surrounded by people who believe in respecting our beautiful earth and eating good, whole foods!

  3. Cotsco seems to have the cheapest organic milk, Walmart has the cheapest hormone/antibiotic free chicken, Sunflowers is like the only place I've found with organic ground beef.

    I love that more people are finally starting to see that movie.

  4. I too love a good random mix of thoughts kind of post.

    Isn't Food Inc. such an eye opener? crazy.

  5. hannah! you are so sweet. thanks for the shout out!

    those. shoes. oh my. totally cute. i can't believe you scored them for under $5. lucky!

    and isn't food inc. amazing? i know. seeing the little chicks being stamped had me tearing up too. that movie is completely responsible for all my current gusto about gardening. i think about having my own garden all the time.

    what a darling daughter you have.. look at that pretty smile. she is seriously adorable!

  6. Loved this post (AND THOSE SHOES!). Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Since when are there rights/wrongs to blogging? I thought the whole point was to express yourself.
    I like your posts, random or not. And I love the pictures added in too.

  8. hooray for the list of listies. keep up the genuine you blogging. and those shoes, pretty perfect. enjoy them.

  9. your daughter is so darn cute!! i always see pics of cute kids and think, "god, i hope i have cute kids!"

  10. I wanted to cry while watching Food, Inc, so don't worry about it. :D We've made a lot of changes in the way we eat after seeing it.

  11. Wow those shoes are so fun! Can you share the coupon code?

  12. Hello, Tana! The coupon code was a one-time use send to me with my GAP card.


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