Home Sweet Home.

I'm back from the crafty girl's weekend. We escaped to a snowy tundra in the Uintahs. So snowy, in fact, that the road was closed. We were within 10 miles of the cabin when we were asked to turn around. The other access was two hours away. It didn't get us down. The getting there is half the fun. Kiddos were not allowed. Well, except for Baby D; he and I are pretty attached. It is so nice to be needed in that way.

Check me out in my lounge-wear, my uniform for the vacay. I am making a bright pink washcloth for my daughter with my knitting buddy. Yes, I am still in the washcloth stage of learning to knit. I rather enjoy making mini-projects like that. They are quick and I can test out new stitches without worry. Speaking of knit washcloths: a cotton washcloth works as a great exfoliant. I'll never go back to those harsh face-washes. But, I digress.

We spent the weekend doing all sorts of crafts. We made simple, pretty stamped mini-cards; perfect little thank-yous to attach to a plate of cookies. I can't wait to use them. My mom gave crochet lessons; she is an expert, you know. I knitted my heart out. The brightly colored cottons I picked up at Michaels made me feel giddy.  We made bracelets. Mine is purple and green and silver. Can you imagine? It is pretty and perfect and chunky. I'll do a show-n-tell later. Sarah's was gold and purple; the royal colors fit her. Mom's was aqua and white, a bracelet perfect for her home in Hawaii. We are all such different souls, and yet we need each other desperately.

We made gourmet food. Oh, the food. I happen to be in a family of fabulous cooks. Lucky me. Sarah spoiled us with brie, turkey and apple paninis. I'm still dreaming of them. Oh, and the kale and barley soup was divine! We woke up to crab eggs benedict. Mmmm.mmm.mm.

It was a perfect weekend. Special thanks go out to my adorable husband who watched the crazy older kids all by himself. As a stay-at-home mom, I know it wasn't easy. We women-folk came home to a clean home and a Mother's Day dinner that was surprisingly spectacular. The men outdid themselves this year!

I was so happy to be home on Mother's Day. I know that many women want it to be their day off, but I like Mother's Day to be my day on. I want to celebrate the kids that made me "mother." I feel like buying them a present every year to say "thank you." We cuddled and laughed and played. It was marvelous.

Hope your weekend was equally spectacular. Happy belated Mother's Day to all you women who influence for good.

Oh...and I decided on the gray shoes.


  1. Sounds like so much fun, Hannah! It's great you all got to get away and enjoy yourselves. By the way, now I'm starving after seeing your photos!

  2. What a great way to spend a weekend! That food looks AMAZING!

  3. Great pictures... sounds and looks like a perfect weekend.
    Happy belated Mother's Day.

  4. Yum! That was such a good soup!
    Thanks for providing some crafts!

  5. Hey, we can be twinners. I have those same shoes. You'll love them. I wear them everyday.

    Looks like you had lots of fun! Cute bangs by the way!

  6. The food looks (and sounds) amazing. What a fun getaway!

  7. Oh goodness I am jealous. Good job on the knitting! That food looks amazing...I'm starving.

  8. What a fun weekend! It really is all about the food, isn't it?!

  9. So glad to see you had a great time with family, crafts, and food. It doesn't get any better than that! ;o)


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