You Make Me Smile.

Still enjoying time with my parents and trying to finish designing the August issue of CARDS magazine. Thank you for indulging me in this blogging break. It was much needed.

Today I had lunch with some beautiful bloggers. We ate cookies provided by Mrs. Fields. Well...not THE Mrs. Fields, she's retired. I think. Anyway...they were yummy.

When I was driving home, I turned up the radio. (I listen to music way too loud in the car.) A song by Uncle Kracker came on. I turned it up louder; I love country music. It makes me want to drive with the windows down through a hay field. And eat watermelon. I grew up in Texas listening to Garth Brooks and The Judds, and I always dreamed of marrying a cowboy. And I did. At least...he is from a town with lots of cowboys. And he owns boots. Real leather, dirty cowboy boots. And a cowboy hat. And he even worked on a farm. K..fine. He isn't REALLY a cowboy. But he did introduced me to a thing called a "Rodeo" after we were married. I now LOVE Rodeos.

Oh, my. This post was going to be about the embedded song, but here we are.

I'm signing off for the weekend to bid farewell to my parents. They fly back to Hawaii on Sunday. Boo. All you lucky girls who live close to your mothers, please don't tell me about it for a few days. I'll cry.


  1. I love that song too! This post made me smile.

  2. Hi! I Love that song and I have it on my iphone and I crank it through my interface (smile) ! I actually live in Hawaii wishing I was on the Mainland living close to my MOTHER so we have the opposite problem you see! So sending warm aloha ahead of time for Sunday!

  3. I'm so glad you could make it, I had such a fun day. It has been cookie overload at our house this weekend. :)

  4. I love that song and I loved getting to see you (though I wished we'd sat closer). Enjoy your parents. I understand the distance thing. Boo!

  5. Look who's crying - the Hawaiian. Miss you and the kids. We're reliving every moment - rehearsing all the funny things they said and did.

  6. I love this song and did know who it was by! I had wondered what ever happened to him. The last song I remember him doing was with Kenny.


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