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My craft room is in complete disarray with fabric and markers and paper piled high and 6 or 7 project in the works. Sometimes I just need to craft. It calms me. (I guess I've needed a LOT of calming lately.) I'm head over heels for three craft books in my collection. They are the cause of the overload of crafting comotion at the moment. Seriously beautiful books that inspire me.

Decorating with Papercraft walks you through "25 Fresh and Eco-Friendly Projects for the Home." I want to make every.single.one! Some of my favorite paper crafts in the book are the party garland, hanging birds, holiday decorations, the adorable piñata, bookbinding, and paper flowers. Am currently working on making little take-out favor boxes.

Sew Liberated has 20 modern sewing projects. Most are appropriate for beginning seamstresses, like myself. The projects I've listed on my crafting queue are: Teacup Corset Apron, Wall Clock, Jersey Garden Skirt, Baby's First Book and the Camera Bag. All the patterns are included in a little pocket in the back of the book.

Bookcraft is all about binding, folding and decorating books. The instructions are thorough and easy to understand. It is a book that both the beginner and the experienced would enjoy.

What craft books do you completely adore?


  1. i totally want that sew liberated book!

  2. I knew we were destined to be friends, Hannah. I have Sew Liberated and Book Craft and I love them both. I have such a crush on craft books. You should see my Amazon wish list. My copy of Sublime Stitching is ragged and I carry my Handmade Home with me everywhere.

  3. Whoa, Miranda!! I added a bunch of your wish list items to my wish list!

  4. I'm in love with Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts... which I just so happened to find because of your wish list, so thanks a million :D

  5. I am loving Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor right now and am planning a whole fairy village for the girls.


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