Birthday Boy.

I have a cute birthday boy in my house today; someone I don't talk about near enough on this little blog of mine. C is the comic relief in our family. When things get intense, C can make everyone smile. This little boy isn't your average 3-year-old, saying cute and funny things without meaning to be funny; this boy is a stand-up comedian. He knows how to charm and how to get a rise from the crowd. Seriously adorable...and naughty. Oh boy, is our boy naughty. And then, at the moment I am going to get mad at his mischief, he runs over, kisses my cheek and tells me that I am "the prettiest mommy ever." That sidewards grin and sparkly eyes melt me. Smart boy!

C is a joy. A complete charmer. A darling little muchkin that I can't help but squeeze until he says "MOM! STOP! Let.Me.Down! NOW!" Then I give in and watch him run off; wondering when he learned to talk and walk and pretend. I blinked one day, and when I opened my eyes, my little red headed baby wasn't a baby. He is an opinionated little person.

Today he turns 3. It hurts my heart to think about it. I miss my chubby little red-headed baby. He hasn't been a baby for a while, but I have been pretending. I cuddle him like I used to until he pushes me away. I call him "baby boy" until he insists "Mom! I not a baby!" Age 2 seemed to fly by, and I don't want to forget who he is today.

:: I don't want to forget the way he smiles with his whole face. You only have to see his eyes to know he is happy.
:: I don't want to forget his infectious giggles.
:: I don't want to forget that he uses "ever" at the end of any sentence that he really means. (It makes no sense, but it is completely hilarious.) "I don't want to eat peas! Ever!" "I want to go to the pool! Ever!"
:: I don't want to forget how stubborn he is. He knows want he wants. You will never persuade him otherwise.
:: I don't want to forget that his favorite color is "Lellow" just like his mommy. He insists on the "lellow cup" and the "lellow candy."
:: I don't want to forget the forts or the jumping piles he build. He loves to collect every pillow in the house, pile them up and jump from the table. I'm hoping he doesn't break a limb.
:: I don't want to forget how he adores his older sister. I watch him watch her. I watch him mimic her. He wants to be just like her.
:: I don't want to forget how he sorts his toys, lining up his Cars cars all in a row.
:: I don't want to forget how he pretends. I am amazed at his imagination. He loves to pretend to be a super hero, tying his favorite blanket around his neck for a cape and running around yelling "I'm SUPER!"
:: I don't want to forget how he loves spaghetti with sauce, frozen corn from Grandma Debi and pancakes with extra syrup.
:: I don't want to forget how he is all boy, but still loves to cuddle. Even though he has naughty times, he also incredibly sweet and affectionate.

Being his mother has been three years of pure joy. I love him more than I could ever say.

Oh, boy. I am getting teary. I'm off to celebrate with my little mischievous and adorable munchkin.


  1. He is so cute. That red hair kills me!


  2. He is really cute.
    Your list is amazing.
    Happy birthday to little C.

  3. I love that kid. "You sit here, be my buddy!"
    Oh and those eyes when he is thinking about something mischievous - I love it! I'll take him if you want.

  4. Happy Birthday C! This makes me sad because that means my little C is only months away from turning 3 as well...

  5. Happy birthday! Lovely photos.

  6. Happy Birthday C!!! My Son is only 7 months older. And my little one is a handfull!! But also love him to pieces!

  7. Happy Birthday C!! you are a precious little boy and make your mommy so proud. My little one is turning 3 soon also. Last saturday, out of the blue she looked at me and said: Mommy, I promise you I will love you forever! I almost cried right there.

  8. So cute. Three is definitely adorable, and definitely naughty. Sam is giving me a run for my money on a daily basis, but I still melt when he cuddles me. I love little boys!

  9. What a sweet boy, Hannah! I love the red hair. Yay for Birthday Boys!


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