12 on the 12th.

I played along again. I love when I do. Even though our days are less then exciting, I'm sure I'll love looking at them and remembering what an average day in 2010 was like.
01. Baby is 6 months old. Boy has time flown with that sweet bambino. Weighing in at 17.15 lbs. That puts him smack-dab in the 50th percentile.
02. E at swimming lessons. This girl is a fish.
03. C at swimming lessons. Running away from them, actually. This boy is naughty.
04. My lilies are in bloom! Sunshine yellow. My favorite color. They make me smile everytime I walk out the door.
05. Potty training. Not fun. Not fun at all.
06. Snacking on raspberries from our very own bush. YUM.
07. Tomatoes are blooming even though I planted way too late. So. Excited!
08. My new favorite toy. (Spica Glitter Pens)
09. Designing wedding announcements for my brother and his beautiful fiancée.
10. My favorite time of the day! Hubs is home from work and comes in to chat.
11. Why, yes. I AM sewing something out of IKEA dish towels. They are cheap and cute!
12. Dinner.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors in your grid. Very summer-y.

  2. You lucky girl with fresh raspberries in your garden!

  3. I wish I can have raspberries in my garden also, well, if I had a garden. I love this post idea Hannah, do you have to assemble all the pictures together in photoshop before posting them so they are in order?

  4. I think it's wonderful to have all of this saved on the internet so you can look back in the future and smile with the memories.
    I had to depend on plain old photos of my kids...but I have scanned most of them into my computer,
    These memories are such fun!

  5. What are you making from the dish cloth?

  6. Pink Little Cake: I use the template provided by the link at the top of the post.

    Sarah: Church bags for my kids.

  7. Lovely! Surely inspiration for colors.... God Bless them ALL!!!! :)


  8. What great/bright/beautiful photo's!! And I love your blog! I'm dying to know what you are sewing with an IKEA dish towel......

  9. On the potty training: google 3daypottytraining. It was full of good info and my little boy was potty trained just in time for his 2nd birthday (and he's as stubborn as they come). I seriously attribute it to the 3day program. Loved it!

  10. i love this; the mosaic and your comments....such a cute post! naughty boy at swimming lessons made me smile...
    enjoy another beautiful summer day!

  11. I had fun staying in your blog. I love all twelve pictures that you share. Every picture has a different meaning. What I really love most is the picture with that very cute baby.

  12. hannah I'm glad you played along again. Your collage is very summery and makes me happy.

    dinner looks delicious and I'm so interested in how you are making church bags from ikea dish towels. Do share. :)


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