1•2•3 :: Friends & Food.

01. Girls Nights. I enjoyed my Meg's famous Thai Chicken Pizza with my neighborhood buddies last night. I walked in to the party an hour late to find the girls hovering around the yummy food table. I joined right in, contributing hummus...a favorite snack of mine. We talked about everything from A to Z. It was a nice hiatus from my work. My go-to bestie & sister, Sarah, is moving far away. Hanging with friends until 2:30am last night confirmed to me that I'll be okay.

02. Tylenol. Super late nights followed by a super early mornings are always accompanied by a migraine. The girls night was worth the headache.

03. Weekends. Holiday weekends, to be exact. I'm going to be celebrating our state's heritage tomorrow with the fam. My last hurrah with my sister. Yay for the holiday, boo for law school that takes sisters away. I love summer holidays and the food that accompanies them. Fresh corn and watermelon and grilled burgers. A perfect meal in my book.

And a few extra things I adore.
04. This free font.
05. This post on knitting.
06. These bowls in my fav color.
07. This table.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to break out my neglected stamps and fabric and yarn. A weekend of crafting sounds just about perfect.


  1. Sad your sister is leaving you, but am glad that you had one hurrah with her before she left.

    Great weekend lineup!

  2. That font is fabulous

  3. last night was so fun and I'm so glad you made it!

    And I seriously don't know how you are functioning. I don't think there is enough Tylenol in the world that could help me live your schedule with the amount (or lack thereof) of sleep you get.

  4. Aww, thanks for the link Hannah! I'm so sorry your sister is leaving. It's true though...you'll be okay. :)


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