1•2•3 :: A Week Away.

We all have those weeks that seem to have 4x's the amount of to-dos and events than any other during the year. Mine was last week. Some items are still carrying over into this week, but for the most part, I'm feeling much better about life. After a week of craziness like that, I can't help but think about things that I completely adore.

01. Husbands. I've missed my kids terribly as I worked away. As one who is prone to feeling guilty, I am grateful for my husband who took off work a few days over the past two weeks so I could play catch up without feeling neglectful. J is such a loving support. He is my right-hand, my shoulder, my everything. When I am sad, he is sad. When I am happy, he is happy. We live for each other. It is the best thing in the world to have a love like that. I am so glad to have him, now and always.
Waiting for the 4th of July parade ||  Husband covering baby's ears when sirens passed.
02. Holidays. I took the 4th off. Almost completely unplugged and it was wonderful. I love that holidays give you a guilt-free break from work. (It is true. I feel guilt way too often.) I even turned my phone sound off. I needed to be away. It was a lovely, relaxing holiday. Front row parade seats, saved by a friend who camped out over night. Monstrous and delicious everything-burgers prepared by this lovely lady. Popsicles and Boston cream pie. (Yep...BOTH.) Sprinklers and swimsuits. Movies and fireworks. Just what the doctor ordered.
Carnivores, eat your heart out. 
03. My Camera. I'm not a pro, but I adore photography. I lug my Rebel around with me where ever I go. I get teased about shooting pictures of everything. It may not be fancy, but it has treated me well and has preserved my memories. On Saturday, we went to Toy Story 3. (Darling, by the way.) As we were packing up once the movie ended,  J threw my son's sippy cup into my purse. He didn't know that my camera was in there. Water spilled everywhere. I found my camera the next morning, wet with an error flashing. It turned off after a few seconds and then wouldn't turn back on.  I cried. Full on sobbing. I know, it is just a thing. A possession. But, it is a possession that we can't replace right now. (Sadly, husband's tuition ranks higher on the budget than my camera.) I, who have never missed church for anything other than vacation or sickness, stayed home because I couldn't stop crying over my camera. I KNOW. Pathetic. I adore that little gadget. I can't live without a camera; it and I are attached at the hip.
I am proud to report, however, that the Rebel has been resurrected. It works! I dried it off as much as I could. Took out the battery and memory card. Took off the lens and left all the doors and latches open. I placed it in sealed bag of rice, which absorbs moisture. After 48 hours, I put everything back together, took a deep breath and switched it to "on." IT WORKED. Phew.

Now I just have to deal with the guilt of skipping church over a camera.


  1. "I'm feeling much butter about life."
    Intentional or no, I love that. Butter = rich, smooth, happiness.

    I also find it amusing that a Canon Rebel "may not be fancy." I think we tend to get a bit jaded from all of the photog blogs out there; the vast majority of people have a point and shoot.

    I, too, would cry if anything happened to my Rebel :).

  2. So glad the rice thing worked!! And so happy you had a wonderful break with your cute family. That hamburger looks amazing... Jer would be in heaven. :)

  3. I didn't know about the rice thing, I will use it next time something like this happen to me. Wondering if it works with a phone? Cami spilled water on it and I am not able to dial some numbers. I am glad your camara is working!

  4. Love husbands, holidays and my Rebel too. And the church thing? Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do.

  5. this weekend was the best! I am glad we got to spend it with you!

  6. I almost cried for you, and then saw that it works again!!! Yea!!

    I would be a basket case if something happened to my Rebel.

    So glad you had a great weekend. We took the boys to see Toy Story 3 as well. Such a cute movie. But I'm really looking forward to taking them to see The Last Airbender this weekend, I've been looking forward to it's release forever!!

  7. I would cry too if something happened to my camera. But there is a good chance that your emotional reaction was heightened by EVERYTHING ELSE that you had gone through earlier in the week. SO glad that the rice thing worked. With all the sippy cups in my world I'm going to tuck that little fact away in my memory!

  8. i think i would have skipped church AND eaten a batch of homemade oreos. so, good on you. :)

    and ohmyword to that burger... yes please!!

    gosh, i think i'm hungry.

  9. ps. my iphone 3GS took a bath a couple weeks ago. yes, right there in the bubbles with my little babes. i riced it for a day and IT WORKS!!!

    2 points for rice!

  10. When I lost my Canon G9 on the way to President Hinckley's funeral I cried myself to sleep for 3 weeks straight. I'm not exaggerating, literally sobbing myself to sleep. Sometimes I would just break down in the middle of campus. It was so silly, but I was beyond devastated. I loved that camera so much, and I felt so irresponsible, and I didn't have the money to replace it.

    Then I won an award for a project I worked super hard on for one of my classes and was able to buy myself another one. That's a miracle if I've ever heard of one!

  11. Glad to know about the rice thing. And that baby picture is PRECIOUS.

  12. I had to de-lurk to tell you not to fret too bad about missing church because your camera wasn't working. I once skipped church because the dress I bought the day before (and was so excited about wearing) still had the anti-theft device attached. I couldn't think of another thing to wear, so I stayed home. That is worse than mourning a dead camera! :)

  13. I have the same camera as you. I think I would cry if it ever broke. Thankfully you were able to fix yours!


  14. I shoot with this Canon Rebel Xsi too, and i adore it to bits. Like you, i would have cried over it if it decides to die on me. The love we have for gadgets, only we know it ourselves. ;)

    But i am glad to know yours is working fine now! Gotta be more careful!

  15. I have done the same thing. Only my Rebel quit working on a vacation with my whole family while at the beach.

    I cried! Not just for my camera because I too am in love with photography and lug my big camera everywhere, but I also cried for the memories I wouldn't be able to capture. And also knowing that I couldn't afford to get a new one or even pay for repair costs.

    Thanks to my understanding husband after we got back to the house we rented, he spent an hour working on it and fixing it.

    (That being said, when I got this camera 5 years ago my husband thought he would help by formating the card AFTER I had taken some beautiful pictures of my little girl. I cried for a week.) The End. :)

  16. You are soooo lucky! This was my exact post about my camera a month ago. I'm not kidding. I cried and I D-O-N-T cry. We don't have the money either and I am stuck using my dumb little camera which is NOT the same! I tried the rice thing for 4 days and even took it in to have it repaired. No luck. I'm out of a camera and I'm still sick about it. I'm so happy that you got yours to work!!♥♥♥

  17. I would cry too. At my sister's birthday party, I left my camera out in the rain! It was like 15 minutes before I remembered and then I ran in the rain to get it. It had that error message on it so I sat in the corner and dried it like my baby. And the message went away and I haven't had a problem since. Those cameras are self healing! haha

  18. Hannah, this is such a heartfelt and honest post. I completely understand your attachment to the camera. I'm the same way when it comes to something I love doing. I'm so glad it was fixable and you were very smart to take the pieces all apart to air dry it.



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