July (+August) Goal Calendar.

Wow, July. You are really making a mess of me.

When this month is over, I will not be sad. It hasn't been bad, it just has been busy. And I am tired.

Thank you to the few anonymous and not-so anonymous commenters & emailers who reminded me about the calendar. Apologies for getting it up when the month is halfway over. To make it up...I am also attaching August's calender so you can get started early setting goals.

Have a super weekend. Mine is packed with a church bbq, cooking club, a dinner party, a craft night, and potty training. Dreaming of lazy summer weekends. My goal is to get a lazy weekend in before the end of the summer. One complete with a morning of reading, an afternoon nap, and no diapers on the middle child. Wish me luck.
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  1. YAY! Thanks for posting :)

  2. this is awesome- thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Wow! I'm tired just reading all that!!
    I JUST finished potty training with my youngest...it was smooth sailing with him!! thank goodness! ;)
    good luck and have fun!


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