Please excuse the construction going on here. I'm have been in need of a little simplification, and it is showing itself in all aspects of me...including this blog. I'm finding that the more designing I do, the more I'm drawn to simple and clean designs. I need white space. I'm taking off the background, the dots, the columns, and the other do-dads. I actually liked the way it was before, but this feels much more clean and crisp. It might take a couple days before everything is working perfectly and loaded, so thanks in advance for your patience.

One thing that has been added to the header is my mantra in life. "Celebrating Everyday." This was passed to me by my mother who taught me to stop rushing life and to enjoy where I am right now. To find joy in the journey and not the destination. I'm happy to have that reminder on my header, where I'll be sure to see it everyday.

Also, I'm thinking of switching to my custom domain in the next week or two. I've owned if for four years, but I've been too nervous about losing you. I'm hoping everything will move over flawlessly, but if you aren't getting updates in a couple weeks, please head to and resubscribe.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I'm off to World Market to pick up some curtains!


  1. Hannah, thank you so much for 'following' me! Your blog is adorable, I love your blog design, very inspiring.

    I also added you on my blog reader.

    PS: FYI: For all who sign up to follow me on my blog I offer 15% discount on all items for the first purchase, so this means - you will also get that! :)

  2. I love your simple and clean design.

  3. If you switch domains, make sure you post your new button on here as soon as you go! Its the only way I keep track of people, and I love reading your awesome entries :D

  4. Love the mantra. Perfect for everyone. Switching my reader now.

  5. I love it! I crave white space as well & your design & color scheme is awesome!

  6. I love your blog design...beautiful! Love the organization tips above this post! I so have so much to do, to organize before school in-services start next week. ACK!

    I will be following to your new domain! Have a wonderful day!


  7. I am soooo glad so many others are learning to love white space- I have found myself it to be my favorite in style! :)


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