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ALL OUT OF LIST by Brittany Birnel of Tangled and True.

Let's be honest, grocery shopping is one of my least favorite activities. I can't tell you how many times I've come home only to realize I was out of peanut butter and didn't put it on my list, not to mention the times I've had to run to the store to grab one "important" ingredient only to get home and find I've spent $50 and still don't have my key ingredient. There's nothing I love more than loading my three kids back into the car... please tell me I'm not the only one this has happened to.

So, naturally when one of my friends introduced me to her "all out of" magnetic pad it changed my life.
Ok, not really, but it has been a major help since acquiring it, and is now one of my favorite gifts to give. It hangs on our fridge and as we run out of things during the week, as I prepare my weekly menu, when I remember things I need... I check the box on the list. Even my husband knows when he uses the last of the vegetable oil to check the box. Everything is divided by category making grocery shopping quick and painless (well almost). No more picking things up in the produce department only to find when you're in the frozen aisle that you've forgotten that avocado that was further down the list...

These "life changing pads" are available at an anthropologie near you and on amazon. You should get one and of course let me know if it makes your life easier and feeling slightly more organized. I sure hope it does.

Thank you so much to Hannah for putting this together! It's always fun to be a guest on other blogs. I've loved all the tips so far and am really looking forward to reading all the others!

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  1. I hear ya'! Totally need this...going to find it...NOW! I'm a coupon shopper so I have an insane supply of things..but there's always that one thing that doesn't ever go on sale or there are never coupons for so it never gets bought and I don't know we ran out of it: UNTIL I NEED IT! Thanks for this!

  2. This is genius. Pure genius.

  3. When I got married, this (sort of) is what I asked my mom for. She had made her own customized one and put it into a sheet protector so she could use a dry erase marker on it. Then she kept it on her fridge. Its a brilliant idea.

  4. I know it's not that original, but I have a floor to ceiling chalkboard painted onto the wall beside my fridge. I keep both to-do and grocery lists on it. Works well for me!

  5. I was at Target today and saw another version of this. I think the brand was Real Simple. It's on an end-cap right now with a bunch of other organization caddies, calendars and list pads. Check it out.

  6. also available at the container store! :)


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