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Hi Sherbet Blossom Readers!

I love this series that Hannah has organized for all of our benefit. When I feel organized, my life just seems to run better. Here are a couple things I do to stay organized:

First Up: I'm addicted to those small ziplock baggies that you'd find in the craft section that might be used for jewelry. I use them for everything from my extra business cards to all the items you see below. I love when the items inside fit the container or 'baggie' they are in. It just looks cleaner.

1. beads
2. board game pieces - this one is a great Quick Tip if you have a busy toddler
3. extra ribbon - that is too short to wind around anything and too long to throw away
4. gum - this is great for keeping gum quiet in your bag so it doesn't rattle around at church or in a movie theatre
5. small hair accessories and Q-tips - great for traveling
6. paper craft supplies - die cuts or any other scrapbook supplies that are small

Next Up: In the closet

These three things help keep my closet organized:

1. Hang all items facing the same way.
2. Have matching hangers. Even if they are the same ugly hunter green hangers from 1997 like I have (I really need to update it in here). Having all your hangers the same size and color really gives your closet a uniform look.
3. Organize your clothes by color (as best you can). This makes it easy to always find the items you are looking for.

Good Luck, Happy Organizing!


  1. I'm not big on plastic baggies but I might have to go get some of those jewelry ones for the die cuts/small craft pieces! I just kind of throw mine in a basket and they get lost forever!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. My problem is, I'm really fantastic at organizing things, but I'm supremely terrible at keeping my things organized. Eventually I get lazy and just start throwing stuff around again. Any tips for keeping a system going?

  3. Oh my. The clothes in that closet are adorable!

  4. Ziplocks, huh? I'm going to buy some TODAY!

  5. I would have never thought of so many ideas for ziplock bags. You are an inspiration! ;)

  6. I couldn't survive in my closet without the clothes organized by color. Loved the baggie tips. Will put them to use!

  7. genius. i loved kami's ideas. and matching hangers!? wow, i think i might die of OCD happiness. i read once that you should face your hangers all the same way and then when you wear a shirt, hang it backwards so you'll remember you already wore that recently. it's a great idea, but i rarely actually do it!

  8. Thanks Hannah for having me! That was fun!

  9. Thank you so much for the tips:-)I lov ethe tiny baggies too..
    My wardrobe doesn't ever look as neat as yours even on a good day!! LOL It's the messiest place in the world!!

  10. Hannah, you are your guest have inspired me to organize my house. Thanks I really need it the push!

  11. i'm so jealous of your 1997 hunter green hangers! i love the uniformity! (they're just so expensive and i can't quite come up with enough good reasons to convince the hubby that i "need" matching hangers! ha.)

  12. Love those ideas and love Kami!!!

  13. When I had a lot of clothes, I would organize them by color too! It does make it so much easier.

  14. Great idea for the gum! My gum seems to always fall out of the little box and then it is scattered all over the bottom of my purse...


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