Project Organize :: Mental & Craft Room Organization.

by Dawn Woleslagle of Wplus9 Design Studio

Organized. Not the first adjective that leaps to mind when I think of myself. In fact, when Hannah asked me to participate in Project Organize, I laughed out loud. Literally. After my husband laughed at me as well, my defenses kicked in. Hey, I'm a mother of two rambunctious school age boys, work full time outside of my home, host cub scout meetings and outings 9 months out of the year, and run a small stamp company, Wplus9 Design Studio, from our home. I can't possibly be that disorganized, can I? So how do I juggle it all? Mental Organization. The key is to keep it all compartmentalized.

1. Make a schedule
I'm sure I'm not alone in the "wears many hats" department. I have found that blocking out my time helps me to keep on track. For example; from x-x go to work, from x-x family time, from x-x personal time, etc. Get as much as you can done in the time allotted, but remember rule #2.

2. Be Flexible
Accept that you can't do everything, all the time. Every week brings with it a new list of "to dos". Go through this list and identify the "have to dos" and designate the days and times to do those first. Be sure to include a "want to do" for yourself at least once a week.

3. Write It Down
Whether you use a handwritten calendar or a PDA device, or a smart phone, having a visual or audible reminder is priceless. I could not live without my iPhone. I have my work Outlook Calendar as well as my personal calendar synced so that I don't have to worry about double booking or missing a meeting.

4. Stay Connected
Use modern technology. I'm serious. In addition to my calendars, I have all of my email accounts synced with my iPhone as well. As long as I have my phone, I can answer all emails, re-schedule appointments if I'm running late. pay bills, update my e-commerce store. I'm never down or out of touch.

5. Create Space
Designate a space for yourself. It doesn't have to be a whole room, a desk will work just fine. Have a least one piece of functional furniture in this room to store or file the materials you use most frequently. We only have a three bedroom home. So I've had to improvise a bit. We have a desk with file drawers in the bedroom for all of personal and home filing, and I use the top shelves of my sons closet to store my inventory for now. My "studio" where I craft, fill orders, and design for my stamp company, doubles as our formal dining room.
I chose a buffet that would not only accommodate all of my crafting supplies, but look like it fit in with the room as well.

The over-sized table is large enough for me to work at as well as have the boys join me to do their homework, or craft along with me. The location of the room allows me to still be "present" even when I'm working, so I am never out of touch.

Sometimes, a little mental organization can be just as powerful as physical organization...just remember to be flexible.


  1. Looks dreamy! I envy your space.

  2. What a great looking space...and I'm going to be taking some of your advice! I think I need some mental re-organization!

    Great blog! :)

  3. Great tips! I don't know how you do it! I hope I am able to juggle everything as well as you can one day when I have children! Thanks for the tips


  4. What a gorgeous space!!! I'm drooling :) I have a "dining" room that is currently full of toys...I'd love to make it into a space like this...just waiting for the right stuff to come along on craigslist :)

  5. I truly don't know how Dawn does it...this post def is true to her. She has this fabulous way of keeping the chaos in order that I just envy!!! I hope to one day be as fabulous and cool under pressure as Ms. Woleslagle! Great article!!!

  6. I'm in LOVE with that mirror. Seriously, love it! Would you mind sharing where you bought that gem? :D sooo cute!

  7. Thanks you all so much! It definitely looks and sounds more organized in writing. My head always feels like there is a tornado going on in it! LOL

    Becky - Don't mind at all. The mirror is from my favorite store, Ballard Designs. In fact, the whole room is furnished from there. LMAO Here is a direct link to the mirror and it's only $150.00! You can't beat that!

  8. such a gorgeous, lovely space to live and create it!

  9. **sigh** such a gorgeous have definitely inspired me!!! thanks sooo much for sharing!

  10. I love that hutch! I am looking for something like that - where did you get it? I just found your blog and I love it! yay!

    - Lauren


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