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by HANNAH CRANER of Sherbet Blossom

I'm a busy mom of three, working full time at home. Juggling my magazine design job, motherhood and my housework is no easy task. Growing up, Saturday was housework day. We'd deep clean everything and make the house sparkle. So, naturally, that is what I first implemented in my own home. During the week, however, my kids tore apart the house and I spent ALL Saturday, my only day with my husband home, getting my home back in order. I realized that wasn't going to work for me.
Before I divulge on my cleaning system, I must add a disclaimer. In no way do I profess to be a housecleaning expert. My home is frequently sub-par. (My excuse is that I live with three little tornadoes who find great joy in following behind me as I vacuum, leaving a trail of crumbs along the way.) This is housekeeping the Hannah way. It works for me. I can answer the door anytime knowing that my house will be almost-in-order. It is leaps-n-bounds ahead of my old clean-the-house-on-Saturday-and-watch-the-house-deteriorate-until-next-Saturday plan.
I created this handy little cleaning system using tips from a few friends and books. This chore list splits the day into three small, but doable, tasks lists: one for the morning, one for the day, and one for night. All the chores are split between the weekdays and the weekends are family & free time. These chores are general, and will apply to almost anyone's home.
I created a cutely designed reminder booklet that I sit on a small easel on my desk. (Lists are much easier for me to follow when I like looking at them!) I bound it with metal rings so I can rearrange days & combine tasks when needed.

empty dishwasher
review calendar + to do list
personal (reading, writing, and/or meditation)

MONDAY (Cleaning Day):
vacuum & dust
mop floors
wipe down doors
deep-clean bathrooms

TUESDAY (Free Day)
send out birthday cards & thank yous
clean out car

WEDNESDAY (Problem Area Day)
clean out fridge
clean kitchen (floors, rugs, surfaces, cupboards, pantry, etc)
clean one problem area (pick any area in your home that needs a little extra work)
make menu & grocery list (to prepare for tomorrow's errand day)

THURSDAY (Errand Day)
grocery shopping & errands
clean bedrooms

FRIDAY (Date Day)
do something special for significant other
clean living/family rooms
clean out purse/bag

SATURDAY (Family Day)
quickly tidy house
focus on family

SUNDAY (Rest Day)
read & write

quick home pick up
run dishwasher
start tomorrow's to do list
personal (reading, writing, and/or meditation)
As for the bigger, home maintenance items, I follow good ol' Martha's schedule from an essential book in my homemaking library: Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.

***If any of you are interested in downloading/buying the cute chore chart I designed, you can buy the printed one here or buy the file here and print it yourself.


  1. Ingenous ... and OH SO CUTE!

  2. That is so cute! I will totatlly buy one for the next wedding I am attending. What a GREAT gift for a new Bride who is setting up her first home. It's certainly useful for anyone, of course, but it's so pretty it would make a wonderful gift too.

  3. Oh wow. These are great. I'd love them since I'm all about the to-do lists!


  4. Oh wow. These are great. I'd love them since I'm all about the to-do lists!


  5. Really cute, what a great idea - wouldn't that make a fab gift! Jo x

  6. I've always loved your system, Hannah. I really need to get organized with this...I've been dragging my feet in this house.

  7. What a great idea Hannah, if I only had the time to do all of this. You are so organize.

  8. What a great idea Hannah, if I only had the time to do all of this. You are so organize.

  9. Ha! You like to make me think that you're not organized or neat to try to make me feel better. I'm just not buying it, Hannah, especially when I see your cleaning schedule. You inspire me to do better. Maybe I should get off the computer now and go tidy up a bit. ;)

  10. This is so cute! It makes me want to get organized!


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