Project Organize :: My Spice Rack & Pantry.

by HANNAH CRANER of Sherbet Blossom
I love spices and I probably own way too many. (They only last so long, you know.) Cooking new recipes is my kind of fun and unique ingredients are often required. I have a box in my pantry full of interesting spices, but I keep the ones I use often on a cute spice rack in my kitchen. This shelf was actually taken from my little sister's room in my parent's house. I painted it black because I thought the spices would "pop" against the dark background. I love having my spices out in the open and I love the color they provide to my kitchen decor. So pretty.

I am often asked how I know what spice is in which jar without labels. The answer is that I have 3-4 of the similar-looking looking spices labeled on the bottom of the jar, but for the most part, I know what they are by looking at them. I've thought about labeling them, but I change them out with different spices too often.
These little jars were purchased at Roberts, a local craft store. Now that IKEA is near, though, I am coveting their spice jars. I'd love to have them all uniform in a row. But, for now, I'm happy with what I've got.
My pantry, though rather bare at the moment, is something I am quite proud of. It works marvelously for us and makes it very easy to stay organized. These boxes are from the children's section of IKEA and sell for $4/each. I made very un-exciting, but practical, labels for each box so we know what-goes-where.
I store my cookbooks in my pantry as well. I like keeping all the food-themed items together. Oh, I also keep my Homekeeping Handbook in the pantry. I refer to that book often. And for some reason, I feel that all things Martha should be in the kitchen.
***Tomorrow will be the final post of the Project: Organize series. I am so grateful to all who participated and commented. It was so motivating for me, and I hope it gave you all some great ideas as well.


  1. I love the bins in your pantry! I wish our pantry was even half the size of yours... Ours is so small. I may just have to give this idea try to make better use of the space.

  2. I think the bins would be perfect for a small space because you can pile things in the bins without things falling everywhere. You should definitely give it a go!

  3. You have a wonderfully large pantry!
    I LOVE an organized pantry.

    Perhaps I should have tried putting my cookbooks in my pantry before deciding to get rid of all but 3.
    2 of them are Martha's.

    thanks for all the good stuff on the blog, Hannah!

  4. The bins are a great idea, I just wish I had more space. loved all the organizing post!

  5. amen about the BINS! That is the best way to go in a pantry! You've got tons of great space, girl! LOVE THAT! We just use the little sterilite shoebox size from Walmart and those work good for our MINI pantry! :) Love those big red bins, though!

    This little series has been fun, Hannah! Oh, and I'll have you know, I did your little trick with the ribbon! I'll have to do a post on it and show you! You'll be so proud! :) I found those old fashioned clothes pins at Hobby Lobby (they had it in a 30/pack for like $2.99). Anyway, it is awesome and has saved me so much ROOM!

    Good work, girl!
    Love this stuff! It's like a natural high organizing, isn't it?! NICE!

  6. I LOVE your spice shelf and the darling vinyl on top! Such a cute way to organize and decorate!

  7. this looks great....pretty & functional! doesn't organization just feel so good. i organized our main closet and the linen closets quite some time ago and they are still looking great....implementing bins & baskets has done wonders......i'm inspired. kitchen pantry are you next??
    happy monday!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your spice rack and your idea's you have for your pantry. I love being organized so you inspired me. Thanks for following me at Blogfrog. I reall like your blog. I will be back again.

    Anne @

  9. I absolutely LOVED the organization feature this last month! It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing everyone's ideas. Would be really fun to see again!

  10. Oh no, please don't change out your spice jars for uniform ones! Yours is the nicest spice display I have ever seen, and it's the slight variations of size (yet keeping the similar style) that gives it that "je ne sais quoi"! If you change them you'll lose that. :( On the other hand, you could sell me your jars, then *I'd* be the one with the great display. ;)

  11. WoW! I can't get over how organized you are!

    Fantastic and inspiring!

  12. PLEASE don't change out your spice jars...they are perfect un-matchy but uniform in their own way. In fact, I'm jealous and now I'm on the hunt for jars like yours! So, wait...nevermind. Yes, change them out and send your old ones to ME!!!

    Really enjoyed all your ideas. I'mma try some for myself. :)



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