Project Organize :: Organizing Children's Clothes.

by JAICI RAZAK of Just JaiCi's Crafts

My name is JaiCi, and I blog over at Just JaiCi's Crafts. I love to craft and create, but I don't like messes! Things need to be neat and orderly for me to maximize my creativeness.

I grew up in a military family, which meant there wasn't a lot of space to store things that weren't NECESSITIES! That was ingrained in my head from day one, and it stayed with me into my married life. I don't let my husband keep things he hasn't used in months and we don't buy things unless we LOVE them or NEED them.

Well, then what do you do with things that you don't need anymore, but most definitely can't get rid of? Such as, kid's clothing! It isn't financially responsible to buy an entire new wardrobe for each child, so you must save the clothes, right?! RIGHT!

I have found the greatest way to maximize storage space while keeping it 'cute' and functional.....Rubbermaid and SPACE-BAGS!

My favorite way to pack away kids clothes is to pick a bucket! I like Rubbermaid best, but it's so hard to find the right size for what I need, that I have kids like the colored bins better anyway! Then, get a Space Bag and put it IN your bucket. After that, put the clothes IN the Space Bag, and over-fill what you think'll fit...a few inches above the rim. Add a few dryer sheets for freshness. Then close and suck out the air. Put lid on. Bam! All done! You even have space to stuff socks or blankets down in the spaces.

Now, now only are clothes stored and put away, but they'll stay fresh, keep out bugs, and you didn't have to use more than one bucket! Don't forget to label...helps in locating later.
This always works AMAZING for winter coats and blankets.


  1. Though we don't have the space bags we do have a good collection of Rubbermaid containers for clothes. I love them! With four kids I think we're up to like 6 and counting!

  2. Thanks for recommending Space Bag products for storing kid's outgrown or unused clothing. Since Space Bag vacuum-seal storage packs are airtight, they protect clothes from dirt, moisture and bugs, meaning clothes will stay safe and fresh during storage. Just so you know, Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers where we help people get organized and save space by offering informative articles and tips. Plus, members of the community get 20% off a Space Bag starter set just for joining! Feel free to visit and use the contact form if you'd like to get in touch.

    Thanks again for the Space Bag shout out!

    Space Savers community correspondent

  3. I use the same storage idea for our Winter/Summer clothes. Space Bags are great for Vacations when we go snowboarding! We pack all the big snow jackets and clothes in them and bring a little air pumb to suck out the air if a vaccum is not available! :)


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