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UPCYCLED ORGANIZING by Amberlee Fawson of Giver's Log

Hello Sherbet Blossom readers! I'm so thrilled Hannah asked me to stop by and be part of Project: Organize. Reading and talking about organization makes me positively giddy (Yes, I realize I am a nerd). So to get to talk organization and do it on Sherbet Blossom is about as good as it gets for me.

At my house, we have a list of chores we try to do every day. I call it the Fawson Daily. It includes things like wash the dirtiest window, mop the worst part of the floor, wash and fold one load, you get the idea. Some days it is more wishlist than checklist. But it mostly keeps my house in check. My favorite chore on the Fawson daily, though, is this one: organize one drawer or shelf.

I love the feeling of having one more drawer cleaned, sorted, and inventoried. But there used to be one downside. I used to organize a drawer or shelf and dream of buying a few more rubbermaid boxes or a handful of bins to really spruce it up. I will tell you, my life changed the day I was introduced to these.

The idea originally came from family fun. Just a simple box made from a milk carton. When my friend gave us one she made, it was like sirens went off in my head. I don't have to buy rubbermaid for every drawer, I can upcycle what I have (so sorry, rubbermaid!)

So now my craft drawer is organized with milk gallon bins, both with and without lid (also love this idea seen at CRAFT).

My gift wrap closet and pantry are organized with the nifty plastic containers that spring mix comes in,

and even cereal boxes,

and my tissue paper is stowed away in pizza boxes (also originally and idea from family fun for storing kids artwork).

Here's one more hanging version of the milk carton storage I dreamed up.

I even got really creative and stacked ribbon over old candlesticks.

One of my other favorites is using old burlap zip-closed rice bags for organizing toys. And there are dozens of other ideas out there too (like using an old phonebook, an apron, or rain gutters, how cool is that?)

I'm telling you. Once you get started, it's hard to stop. You find a drawer that needs to be organized and suddenly you are on the lookout for the perfect container. You will probably even find yourself buying groceries every now and then according to what containers they come in. As long as you keep your craft knife handy, you can whip up something to hold almost anything. Good luck, and happy organizing!

Do you have an organization idea/storage solution/time management idea you'd like to share? I'd love to feature you on Sherbet Blossom! Email me at sherbetblossom (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Love this topic-- whenever I get on "organizing kicks" I tend to think, "Ok what can I buy to help me organize?" That only creates more clutter! Love the upcycled ideas.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I'm offering a giveaway on my blog for either a copy of the new book "Lunch Bags: 25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps to Sew Today" or a handmade lunch bag. Feel free to stop and enter!

    Keep up the great organizing series :)

  2. What a great idea! I want to go to our local pizza place today for our paper. I have never found a way I have liked to organize it - that's a great idea.

  3. Okay, this is the BEST POST EVER!
    I am always wishing I could run out and buy more tubs to organize all the clutter that my husband refused to let me dispose of. What a FABULOUS idea to organize with stuff we'd be recycling.
    LOVE IT!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amber, just want to say thanks to you I have been saving every piece of packaging that might have potential for a gift or kids learning activity {my husband might not thank you;)}. Now I'll look with new eyes for organizing opportunity! It makes me giddy to save money this way. Thanks for the tips, as always!

  5. man, we sound like two peas in a pod! i have an almost unhealthy obsession for all things organization. as in, a trip to the container store just might be the best. thing. ever!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog/designs. trust me, the feeling is mutual, your work is equally inspiring!



  6. Wow, aren't you clever! I love your fresh take on recycled containers as storage. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. OK this is really cool! It looks so's colorful and shows off what you have in such a fun way...and it's green! That's just fabulous! Ingenius! - - love those ribbons on the candleholders.

  8. I love these ideas! I have a new sewing room and have been struggling with how to get it organized. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. ziplock bags are also fabulous for storing cables and chargers! I have a whole basket full of the things....take it to the next step and label what they are for!!! Yes, OK I didnt actually do that...and yes, I have a whole basket full of chargers and cables in little baggies with no labels!!!


  10. Sorting cables is one of the few organize tasks I've found a perfect system for. Get a wax pencil to write straight onto the plastic plug. Learn how to coil cables like the pros as this will keep them working for much longer. Get cable ties or elastic bands to bind them loosely in the middle. All our cables go in one big box under the bed. Cables that we don't use but came with a new purchase we keep in the original bag and label it with a Sharpie. These are at the bottom of the box in case we do need it later on.
    For cables which we are using but sometimes unplugwe tie bit of string and wind it round a little bit of sugru or blutack at the back of furniture so we don't need to move the furniture or reach a hand down while groping for the cable.
    We are still transitioning to getting extender leads with multiple sockets and off switches. If you take the time to run them along walls and doorways and fix them to the wall they can disappear into the background.
    The kitchen unfortunately has sockets at work top height so 3 in 1 adapters are the only ones that work here. Sticking some sugru underneath means they won't start coming out the socket if the plugs are on the heavy side.


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