A Weekend List.

:: When I get stressed, I bake. Everyone seems to be posting their favorite cookie recipes on their blogs, and my stress level has forced me to try way too many. (I'm afraid my scale is not going to be happy with me, but I'm too scared to step on it.) Many of them were yummy, but I haven't found one that compares to my grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. I made a batch today and quickly (so I didn't eat them myself) wrapped them up in cellophane, pretty yellow ribbons and a sticky label. Will deliver tomorrow.

:: Bought some new makeup this weekend. I've finally reached the bottom of my beloved MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow. Feeling adventurous, I decided to try a new brand. Oh, it was a scary step for me. I'm one who gets in makeup ruts. I purchased a couple NARS colors and some Urban Decay. Can't wait. Mostly neutral...but I did buy some color. I'm waiting with bated breath for them to arrive.

:: Also bought some new nail polish colors. (See? I AM stressed. Making random purchases and baking are both sure-signs.)

:: Am still on the hunt for the perfect red lip. A color that pops without making me feel uncomfortable. Am thinking of Full Body by MAC. Too dark? My splurging didn't go that far. But I was close. So, so close to buying it.

:: Did you know Shade Clothing is going out of business? So sad. Everything is on sale. Too bad I spent all my money on makeup.

:: At this very moment, my husband is taking his last final of the summer. He only gets two weeks before the next semester starts, but oh-how-sweet those two weeks will be!

:: Am taking my 5-year-old daughter school shopping this weekend. My sweet little one is going to public school this year. Am getting a little teary just thinking about it.

:: My sweetie and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary in one week. We have some fun, but cheap, plans. (I spent all our money on makeup and nail polish, remember?) We have tickets to a rodeo. What? You don't think that sounds like a very good anniversary activity?

:: We share the same anniversary week with both my little sister and my sister-in-law, and it is just weeks apart from my in-law's and brother's anniversaries. I spent the weekend making all of them cards with my new Wplus9 stamp set. I can't show you, though. The stamp set won't be released until September, but be excited!! It is definitely my favorite stamp set so far!

:: Monday starts another awesome round of Project: Organize. I hope you are liking this series! I know I am!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. I hope some of those cookies are being delivered to me. Pretty please?

  2. Hannah, I think you're in Utah right? If so, you have to go to Fashion Place Mall and into Sephora. You'll love it. I promise. You'll find the perfect red color there! Maybe it will even help you de-stress :)

  3. I've tried those cookies. They are the best. Our new favorite recipe, thanks to you!

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  5. I'm baking cookies this weekend too! - - no stress here though. My MIL sent a big bag of dark chocolate m&ms - GAG, I hate dark chocolate - so I am baking those in to cookies to deliver to the fam.
    The rodeo can be romantic...especially with the rodeo clowns and everything *giggles*

  6. love new makeup.

    so sad about shade!

  7. I thought you had given up on a red lipstick?
    Love the stuff you bought. Save some cookies for me okay?

  8. Make-up shopping soon sounds fantastic. The bummer about shade is that the better deals were found a few weeks ago during the summer sale- now things are marked back up a lot.

    And I hear you on the stressed. I'm thinking baking may be happening tonight at my house, or maybe homemade ice cream instead.

  9. I hope you like all of your new makeup purchases. It is so fun to buy that stuff, I am jealous.

  10. @Dolled Up Girl: I'm sure I will! Most of them were recommended by you and you have awesome taste!

  11. Hannah girl! I hope your stress passes from your world FAST! If it lingers, at least you'll be rocking some new shadow and polish!


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