A Bargain to Feed Your Addiction.

I am excited to tell you about something that combines two of my favorite things: bargains and jewelry. I recently discovered ToFebruary and am so happy to now own a few of their pieces. To tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting much. At $5-10 a pop, I was thinking I would recieve something that would break after a couple of wears. But, I was seriously shocked at the quality. The necklaces and earrings I own are really beautiful and sturdy. I highly recommend To February. Their jewelry is mostly asian-themed; very classy and beautiful.

Of the items pictured above, I only own the lock & key necklace. It is my favorite and I wear it all the time. I really adore the bow earrings, though. I would love to buy them next. (At $7.00...it won't take me long to save!)


  1. I love those earring in the bottom middle. I'm going to tell my husband to buy them for me!

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