Introducing: May I Suggest-October

October brings with it a new set of bloggers for the "May I Suggest" series. I can't wait to hear from these new lovely ladies. Most of my favorite things came to me by word-of-mouth, and I love hearing all about others' favorite things. Our October faces will be familiar to many, new to some. My first suggestion to you is to check out their blogs. They are incredible and each very unique.
MEG :: This lady is my hero. No seriously...she is. I don't how she does it, but amidts tempests and storms, she is a pillar of grace. Meg was on my must-have list when I first started this series. She is clever, crafty, kind and beautiful. She has a fashion sence that is simple, yet pulled together and stylish. I know I am going to love her suggestions.

MARTA :: Marta is known for her words. Her writing is suberb. She notices the details and makes everyday things seem glamorous. When I think of Marta, I think of high-class. This lady has style! She knows all the best makeup, hair and clothing stores. I know that if I take her advice, I will be happy. I'm thrilled she will be participating!

LINDSAY :: Lindsay's blog is fairly new to me, but I am in love! She takes beautiful pictures! Did you know that I've always dreamed of having curly hair? My straight locks have no wave in them whatsoever, so to say I was jealous when I saw her lovely hair would be a gross understatement.

Check their first suggestions tomorrow. We are going to be discussing all things Beauty!


  1. Horray! I love both Marta and Meg. Im excited to get to know Lindsay. This is my favorite series!

  2. Hi There! I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up when you have time.


  3. Excited to see what these beautiful women have to say!

  4. awesome! i love Lindsay! we were comps on the mish in Portland. Her blog is way cool! Lookin' forward to checking out the other 2 as well


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