This Week I will...

...take another drive to see this beautiful view. I shot this picture only 20 minutes from my house yesterday. This time of year is Utah's shining moment.

...send out thank yous. I am a few weeks behind on those. So many people deserve them. I better get started.

...continue on my sugar fast. It's been two weeks, people. I'm not sure I've ever gone that long before without eating a treat. I feel really great, though. My goal is to make it until Thanksgiving. Pie will have never tasted better.

...reconnect with long, lost friends. I feel a long phone call is in order with my high school bestie.

...finish up the invitations I am designing. So excited about these. Also finishing up the December issue of CARDS. (It is so weird to be working on Christmas at this time of year, but that is life in the magazine business.)

...sort through my clothes. Donate at least half to goodwill. It is about time. High school clothes are still hanging in my closet.

...get started on my kids' Halloween costumes. Am also contemplating another Halloween party. Need to get planning if that is going to happen.

...find a lightweight, cordless vacuum for my stairs. I can barely lift ours, so our stairs are often neglected. Am thinking about this one. A stick vacuum would be nice, but I think they are mostly for short carpet and hardwood floors. Any suggestions?

...paint my toes with my new favorite nail polish color. (Nars Arabesque) The website doesn't do it justice. This is a better picture of it.

...finish Harry Potter #5. (I'm a HP Junkie a.k.a Nerd.)

...continue wishing for a Kindle to read my HP & other books. Am strongly hinting for one; my birthday approaches. (Have you discovered the joy of an Amazon Wishlist yet? If not, you should check it out. It's fun to dream.)

...weed my neglected garden. Figure out what do to with my major over-abundance of tomatoes.

...appreciate where I am now. We are going through a hard time right now, but I have so many things to be thankful for. I will squeeze my baby's chubby legs. Kiss my red head's cheeks. Have a dance party with my little princess. I don't want to miss these stages with my kiddos because I am worried about something else.


  1. I love these lists. Its a really nice idea.
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  2. I think we're planning a drive to see the colors as part of tonight's FHE. Can't wait! Hope to see you soon. I just did a closet purge this summer and removed a lot of high school items. I figured it's been 10 years- it's time.

  3. Oh, good Christina! The loop is divine right now.

  4. sounds productive yet manageable. thinking of you during your hard time... keep enjoying those views, and the little things!

  5. Oh, you really live in a beautiful place.

    I am thinking of you. Hope life will be better for you soon.

  6. I miss the colors in Utah. We might have to drive up there just for that! I'm sorry that you guys are going through a hard time right now. I like your optimism though, finding joy in your children through your trials. Hand in there, I hope that things get better for you guys.

  7. I am obsessed with my Amazon wishlist, but it has gotten a bit out of control I have over 1500 items on it, though most of them are books.

  8. I’m thinking homemade salsa for those tomatoes. Ammon started making his own about 6 months ago and he cans it and I LOVE it! (plus it’s a lot cheaper!) Just a thought...=) Hugs!

  9. I really need to get in the mountains for a drive, soon. Before all the color is gone.

    Love the nail polish color. On my shopping list.

    Best of luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you as you deal with all that you have on your plate, my dear.

  10. Hannah, it seems like you are such a great spirit and I hope that everything negative you are dealing with right now will be sorted out soon! Thinking about you from far away and sending positive vibes! :)

    XO Senja


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