Candy Corn Pizza

Another Halloween food idea to share. Homemade pizza, styled as candy corn. A crowd pleaser to be sure. Even my daughter, who is anti-combined foods, was excited to eat this this. (Which is a miracle, to say the least.)

How To:
Shape your favorite pizza crust into a circle.
Add sauce.
Place mozzarella cheese in the center, cheddar (or your favorite yellow cheese) around the mozzarella.
Add pepperoni, ham, or tomatoes to the edge of pizza crust.
Cook, then cut.
Voilà! The slices look like candy corn.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween. Will be back later to share our simple festivities.


  1. Holy cow, darling Hannah! I am thinking about breaking the sabbath to go buy the ingredients for this. (I'm kidding, of course, but the thought did cross my mind.) I love it so much. I am printing this post and putting it in my Halloween decoration box so I can be sure to remmember it next year.

  2. wow!! that is so creative and adorable! i think i might have just figured out what's for dinner tonight :)

  3. this is so darling-love it:)

  4. simple, clever, cute & why didn;t I think of that!

    totally a keeper.

    and that's what you call it? an anti-combined food eater.
    had one of those. he outgrew it thank goodness. by age 12


  5. Mmm. Remind me to make this next year!

  6. Thanks for sharing this cute idea! We made two candy corn pizza's for dinner on Halloween night. One with ham and pineapple and one with pepperoni.

  7. this is really really darling; i'll have to remember it for next year!

  8. This is something that I will definitely make some today! Thanks for the really nice idea!

  9. Good morning, Hannah! I'm stopping by to let you know that I featured your Candy Corn Pizza on my blog today in celebration of National Candy Corn Day! ... Thanks for sharing this fun and yummy idea! Have a sweet day!! :)


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