I've Been Thinking.

• Back from our short vacation to Idaho. I think this is the most beautiful October that Idaho has ever seen. The weather was marvelous during our stay. Seriously spectacular. And being in a farm town during the harvest? There is nothing like it.

• Thank you for indulging me in a lengthy blog break. It's been a while since I actually wrote. I've been in a bit of a "blogger burnout." And busy with life. (Teaching my 5-yr-old to read. A school fun-run. Picking out books from the class book order. The local pumpkin and raspberry patches. Hugs. Kisses. Snuggling babies. You know...all the important things that cannot wait for me to write a post.) I don't want my life to revolve around my blog, but rather let my blog revolve around my life. I do love to blog. And I've missed it. Thank you for sticking around.

• Remember when I used to be crafty? Me too. It's been a few weeks since I've created anything but cards and I'm starting to get the itch. (Be prepared for some crafty posts!) I am a fickle hobbyist. Sometimes (a lot of the time) my time waster of choice is crafting. Then, something else pulls my attention and my craft scissors are put back on the shelf. Right now, my current distractants are books. I'm a bit obsessed, really. I can't stop. Every other day, I start a new one. Finished "Atonement" last night (meh) and picked up two more books today. (Crime & Punishment and Memoirs of a Geisha.)

• I've received quite a few emails asking about my allergies. Thank you, thank you for your concern. Here is your answer: I'm ignoring them. It is true. Last night, I had sour cream after being off dairy for 5-6 weeks. I was up all night with a severe stomach ache. I laid rolled up in a ball on my bed, holding my stomach all night. I panicked thinking my dairy allergy results must be right. I wasn't ready to give in, though. So, today...I ate leftovers with sour cream for lunch. (I know...stupid. But, I needed to confirm to myself that it was the sour cream causing the problems.) NO side effects today. It must have been a bug or food poisoning. I am rejoicing. And still ignoring my allergies. I'm not giving up.

• My sugar strike is still going strong. Have been off for 6 weeks now. 4 more to go. This is a huge feat for a sweet tooth like myself. I don't think I have ever made it even a week before now. Am very proud of myself. But, I do frequently have dreams of eating ice cream. And Costco's huge chocolate cake. (Have you had it? You SHOULD. It is the best.) I wonder how I'll survive Halloween. Maybe we'll be the annoying neighbors who hand out toothbrushes.

Have a fantastic week. Will be back. I have some cards, crafts and more thoughts to share.


  1. The Costco chocolate cake is INSANELY good...and big...and moist....and sweet...oh it's just a slice of heaven...or 2.
    I have a friend that has food allergies...wheat/Gluten or whatever...I told her to ignore it too - LOL I'm like no one had these allergies when we were kids...I think they are an easy answer from modern day medicine. Some things you eat and sometimes they make your stomach hurt or they make you gotta go....but to write it off forever? Gah! Chocolate gives me migraines and there is no way in heckles I am giving up Costco chocolate cake - heh.
    And yes, the weather here in Idaho has been fantastic!! I was in the church parking lot the other day and just sat there admiring the beautiful fall colors in the trees. This is the first fall soccer season we have been able to play every weekend with NO rain - yippee!!

  2. i love that cake too!

    you look adorable in that picture.

    i'm so proud of you and your sugar strike too! i could never make it.


  3. Coscto's chocolate cake is to die for! Congrats on no sugar! That takes some serious willpower!

  4. Where is that waterfall? It is beautiful!!

  5. @Mandy: It is in Twin Falls. I'm not sure what it is called, though?

  6. Cute family pic! I can't wait to see your craft posts. Especially can't wait to see the one that arrives at my door step ;) Hope all is well. Good job on the sweets strike. I know how hard that is...I did it once and now I'm glad I can say I've resisted sugar for 12 weeks of my life before and don't ever have to do it again. lol.

  7. beautiful pics--no sugar...eek!

  8. Love your family picture. Very adorable. I am happy you had a great time. And you are so right, no one should ever choose blog over kids. They grow up way too fast. Enjoy your special moments with hugs, kisses and snuggles.

  9. Is it the Shoshone Falls, Hannah? That's what it looks like to me, but I could be wrong. In Twin Falls along the Snake River next to Dierkes Lake?

  10. @Kimberlee: It was in Twin, but I have no idea which falls it was. That sounds familiar, so you are probably right.


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