Lift a Life in Haiti.

I think we have all been touched by the trials that the Haitian people have had to go through; especially after their horrible natural disasters this year. I was glued to the TV in horror as I watched those poor people suffer through such a devastating tragedy. But, as we live in such comfort, it is easy to forget that they are still struggling. There are still thousands of people trying to rebuild homes. Children without parents. Families who can't afford to feed themselves. It is humbling to think about.

My dear friend, Amy, volunteers for a non-profit organization called IASK. It is a service group for child advocacy and humanitarian aid in Haiti. They were founded in 2002 and have done so much good, but they really need your help. If you live in Utah, they are putting on an amazing concert this Saturday. The price is $10 now or $15 at the door. The headliner is Alex Boye (who is absolutely incredible.) Jason Hewlett, a hilarious comedian, will also be preforming.

$10/$15 for a concert is a great deal already, but knowing that the money will be donated to children in Haiti makes it a steal! Come out and support!

If you can't make it to the concert, please take a moment to check out their website. There is so much good you can do, and they will have more information for you there. Remember that even the smallest contribution can make a difference.


  1. Just tweeted and Facebooked about it!

  2. I can't go, but I tweeted about it so others may be able to attend.


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