Oct May I Suggest: Beauty.

Loving the suggestions this week! I've already added a few items to my wishlist. Hope you enjoy!

1. This last year I've tried to branch out from Burt's Bees as my go too for lips and have been trying out different lipsticks. I really like Boots N07 Sheer line from Target. It's nice and smooth, leaves a great color on your lips without being too thick and cakey. I have a few of their colors and have liked every one of them.

2. I'm sporting a super short hair do these days, and I really love the texture and hold of Short Sexy Hair. I've been using the "slept in" product and I'm loving it. It's not super sticky, it holds all day, and you can put it on either wet hair or dry hair and it still looks great!

3. This might be a stretch here... but I'm going for it! I think that if you take a few minutes to exercise a few days a week, it will do more for your beauty and make you feel better than any potion or lotion that is out there. There are so many great benefits to regular exercise. I'm a busy mom like many of you and have to get creative to find time to exercise. I really love Jillian Michael's workout DVDs. I've tried a lot of workout DVDs and I get a great workout out when I do one of her workouts. My go to for a good home workout is The 30 Day Shred. It's only 20 minutes, you can do it in your home with just a set of light hand weights. It's quick, yet effective. It's easy to fit into nap time or before my little guy wakes up, and it makes me feel good all day! Not to mention my clothes fit better, my skin looks better, and it makes me a happier mom and wife. Now that is a beautiful thing...

01. i grew up rifling in my mom's overflowing cosmetic bags, so i love the topic of makeup! (she was nice to always let me experiment with her fancy stuff.) a favorite of mine has to be Kiehl's Body Lotion and Bumble & Bumble hair products. if you weren't born with thick, luscious locks, your hair will love you for taking good care of it. my B&b brand picks are Prep Spray, Styling Creme, Thickening Spray, and Spray De Mode hairspray. they have an exceptional prodcuts like grooming creme and defrizz for those of you with coarse hair. whenever i move to a new town, i check their website to find one of their salons. after working in a B&b salon, i am a big fan.

02. i also highly recommend MAC and Bobbi Brown cosmetics. the MAC eye kohl pencil called Teddy is my favorite every day eyeliner these days. it's always fun to go get a free makeover and see what shades an expert makeup artist chooses for me that i likely wouldn't have picked out on my own. however, they always try to get me to wear bright lipstick and i can't ever pull it off. my recent light lip shades are Blush lipstick by Bobbi Brown and MAC Love Nectar lipgloss.

03. another tip i might suggest is to read up on whatever you'd like to know more about. the library is packed with good books on beauty; inner beauty, homemade remedies (i have actually tried a banana mash hair mask!), and makeup application tips. my latest reads were excellent resources: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and The 5 Minute Face by Carmindy. both had excellent ideas and suggestions for your every day woman. i even learned the art of creating a smoky eye, both of these books give a step by step tutorial!!

thank you, hannah for letting me in on all the fun of your new series!

When I was 20, I had things together in the personal care department: I applied conservative-but-nice makeup, spent an hour straightening my hair every few days, wore uncomfortably tight but oh-so-cute jeans and traipsed around campus in platform sandals. Now, several years later, I wear comfy jeans, flats and a t-shirt nearly every day (when I'm not in scrubs), and I'm hard-pressed to apply even minimal mascara to my transparent eyelashes before I bolt out the door. In some ways, I'm sad about my descent into near-frumpiness, but I'm also content because, though it's a bit ironic, I'm much more confident and self-assured than I was at 20. So, with that in mind, here are my picks:

Aussie "Aussome Volume" Hair Gel - Those of you with tight, curly tresses know how difficult it is to find a hair product that holds curl without frizz, but also without crunch. It's a fine line that few products, in my experience, can walk. For me, mousse and light gels don't hold well enough, waxes and pomades are too greasy, and the "maximum hold" and "sport" gels give my curls too much sticky crunch. I've tried several professional ("expensive") products, but none of them felt right. Aussie gel, though, works nicely: soft, flexible curls that hold their shape with minimal frizz. "Second day" hair isn't bad, either. Oh, and did I mention you can snag a bottle for $5 or less?

Dove White Beauty Bar - Yes, I realize this is "just" bar soap, but let me tell you why I love it. It's smooth. It has a creamy, rich lather. It moisturizes. It has a light, fresh scent. And it really makes me feel clean. I use it for shaving, for washing, and even, on occasion, for my face. And, as you may guess, it's very affordable, especially considering it can double as shower gel and shaving cream.

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Creme Lotion SPF 50 - I have very fair skin and tend to get sunburned with ridiculously regularity. Since I don't like the smell or texture of most sunscreens, I'm quite picky about them. I picked up a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 right before Girls' Camp this summer. South Texas in late June is unbelievably hot, humid, and sunny. I was outside in the hottest, brightest hours of the day for five days straight, and I didn't get sunburned. Not even a little bit. I only applied the sunscreen once or twice a day. It takes some time to rub it in, but the smell is nice, the lotion is creamy, and it's sweat- and water-proof. And, for sunscreen, the price is reasonable.

Thanks, Hannah, for this fun opportunity!

a. BIG SEXY HAIR POWDER PLAY. Oh my goodness. This is a miracle-worker for fine hair. It is a powder that you sprinkle onto your scalp. Then, you take your fingers and massage the area and it becomes a sticky consistency that gives you instant volume and texture. Seriously fabulous stuff.

b. FACE STOCKHOLM. A new-to-me brand. Their stuff is a bit better than M.A.C. quality! I love everything I've tried. (That silver velvet bag is also from there. It holds all the small things that usually get lost in the bottomless pit that is my purse.) Other products I love: Eye Fix, Liquid Foundation, Green Tea Creme, and the Precision Eyeliner.

c. NUTRASONIC. This product is AMAZING. It has done incredible things for my skin. On my first day using it, I washed my face as normal. It looked like all the makeup, dirt and grime had been removed from my face. Then I reached for my new Nutrasonic and began washing. I was appalled when I saw how much more makeup and dirt it removed. It also made my skin flawless. I've never really had an acne problem, but I did have bumps and uneven skin. They are now gone. All gone. My skin is more glowy and healthy than it ever was before. Of any beauty product I own, this is the one I'd be most sad to part with. Highly recommend it. **Costco has it on sale with cleanser for $99.

Do you have some beauty suggestions? Please do share in the comment section!

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  1. I love Urban Decay eyeliner - it glides on super smooth and doesn't tug. Plus, it stays put all day!

  2. I just LOVE these posts! I'm a huge beauty product junky and I get so excited to learn about new products (like stokholm face) and I love it when someone recommends a product I already love (like M.A.C. eyeliner in Teddy)! My current favorites are the Patricia Wexler facial rejuvinating serum and Eye Kandy (a mineral powder to liquid eye shadow and liner).

  3. Awesome. I am actually doing Jillian Michael's workouts. I got the DVD a few weeks a go and I started 2 days ago with the workouts. I am sore beyond you can imagine, but i really need to lose 10 pounds. Now I only have to stop eating so much bread and pasta.

  4. When I think beauty suggestions, the first thing that comes to mind is Laura Mercier's illuminating tinted moisturizer (SPF 20). Oh my gosh that stuff is awesome. Great for a touch of a glow. And what lady doesn't want to glow?

  5. My SIL swears by the Neutrasonic, but I thought she was crazy!!! Now, I'm having second thought!! Love reading your suggestions!

  6. Great post! Sexy Hair is a really fab product line - they have a gorgeous leave-in hair oil that is a rival to Morrocanoil and totally affordable too...can't remember it's name though ;-) Great post will defo be back xx

  7. But Jillian Michaels has such a demon look about her. Maybe that's how she makes us work so hard. She's scary.

  8. I *love* my Clarisonic MIA, which seems to be similar to what you refer to as your Nutrasonic. Seriously? Best investment ever.


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