Oct May I Suggest: Fashion.

Today is our final installment of October's May I Suggest series. Meg, Marta and Lindsay did a fantastic job! I've loved reading their advice, tips and suggestions. 

Today, we are discussing fashion. I found it funny that each of these girls say that they aren't qualified to give fashion advice, but this is one of the main reasons I wanted these girls on the panel! I love their taste! They each look completely stylish and comfortable in their own skin. I love that these women are true to themselves and to their own style. And they each have superb taste!

I am not one to give fashion advice... that's for sure! To be totally honest, I am a recovering jeans and t-shirt mom (didn't you know that was a condition?). What that means is, I usually wear just jeans and a t-shirt... no jewelry, no fun textures or designs... just a plain old pair of jeans + t-shirt (oh... and flip flops). I say recovering because I'm trying really hard to break free from this cycle, because it doesn't make me feel very cute or flattering that's for sure. Something kind of unique (or maybe not so unique) happened to me last year to pull me out of this rut. I was diagnosed with cancer, and lost all my hair from chemo. It's one thing to not feel super cute cause you're wearing just jeans + t-shirt... but to be in jeans and a t-shirt and be bald is a whole different level. I did not feel very good about my physical appearance, and I realized that I was not taking very good care of my self esteem this way. I made a little promise to myself that I was going to try a lot harder to look nice and to put myself a little higher on the priority list instead of never buying cute things for myself for whatever reason I had. It's important to feel good about yourself and to feel good about your appearance. Turns out, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to get a few cute things for yourself to turn a drab outfit to a fabulous one. Here are a few tricks and "rules" that I try to live by now...

1- A little bit of color goes a long ways - I really like keeping my outfits pretty neutral. I like to wear black, brown, gray, white, cream, denim... pretty bland huh? Well, I've learned that a little bit of color can go a long way. Slip on a pair of yellow shoes, or wear a red necklace. Throw in some color somewhere and you will feel less drab and more pulled together. I love to add color in my accessories, belts, cardigans, necklaces, shoes, the possibilities are endless.
2- Cardigans are your friends - I love a good cardigan. They are one of my favorite things ever! I can still wear my jeans + t-shirt and throw on a cute cardigan, and I feel a million times cutter. I really love them. I've found some really cute ones for under $20 from Old Navy, Target, Wet Seal, and Kohl's. And I don't think you can ever have too many cardigans... so start piling them up!
3- Wear some earrings - I guess this only applies if you have your ears pierced. But I really try hard to wear earrings everyday. I like simple style so I usually wear just a simple pair of diamond or pearl earrings. Nothing too flashy, but enough to feel feminine. There are also lots of cute colored flower earrings that are popular right now. I feel a lot more put together if I have a cute pair of earrings in.

Now if I wear my jeans + t-shirt, and a cute pair of flats, with my cardigan and some simple earrings... I feel cute and I still get to wear my jeans + t-shirt... nice.
{Images from Old Navy (cardigan), Target (earrings), Flats (DSW.com)}

Thank you Hannah for this fun experience and for inviting as a guest on your blog!

Somehow, somewhere, a pig must be flying: I'm giving fashion tips. I'm a little out of my element, so bear with me...

Maybe it's funny to mention "scrubs" and "fashion" in the same breath, but since I wear them five days a week, it was important to me to find some that didn't make me look like a 12-year-old boy. For anyone else out there who wears scrubs frequently, I recommend Med Couture by Peaches. They're comfortable, high quality, modest, and even moderately attractive. They're on the pricier side, but, for me, feeling confident and feminine every day is worth the investment.

Some women like shoes. Some like purses. I like jackets. Love them, actually. The Old Navy trench pictured above is one of my favorites. My white AE trench shielded me from a rainy May in London. My grey pea coat kept me warm and classy as a missionary in drizzly Oregon. My spring green blazer looks fantastic with jeans. Now I'm getting nostalgic--my jackets have been woefully neglected for the past three years. How sad is it that I live in a land with no winter?

I like dresses. Maybe it's the 50's housewife in me, but I think they're beautiful and classy, and generally pretty comfortable. The dress pictured is last year's oceanfront maxi dress by DownEast basics. It's flattering and comfortable enough to sleep in. Modest dresses can be tricky to find; I usually have the best luck at DownEast, Old Navy, Kohl's, or Target.

Thanks, Hannah, for this opportunity. I have had a lot of fun sharing some of my favorites with all of you!

i'm the last person anyone would want fashion advice from, but i am happy to add a few tips that i've learned along the way.

01. my favorite store for cute clothes has to be H&M. i highly recommend shopping a store near you! the prices can't be beat and the styles fit my frame really well. (the kids clothes are adorable too!) my recent favorite find was a boyfriend tee v-neck from target. super comfy and soft and flattering. i wear it all the time; to yoga, to sleep, to run around in. i need five more!

02. for jeans, i love banana republic. my sisters and i laughed when we showed up for a girls weekend all wearing banana republic jeans! the fit, the little bit of stretch and the streamlined design is the best. i also love the skinny jeans from anthropologie, my hip cousin introduced me to the brand pilcro and the letterpress. really comfortable pants! sometimes you can find them on super sale too.

03. my mom is such a fashionista. she taught me to layer. think in threes when it comes to putting an outfit together; a top, pants & a vest (or chunky necklace, cardigan, scarf, etc.) to make the ensemble look more pulled together. try it, it works wonders for my plain jane lifestyle. however i must admit my third item is usually a hoodie sweatshirt (i am big on comfort)!

04. i also think it's key to splurge on classics (items you can wear forever like leather boots, a pea coat, a lovely sweater) and be thrifty with trendy clothing that might only last a season or so.

05. as a busy mom, i find myself depending on a few favorite accessories to keep me looking a little less slobby (i hope); a good bag (mine are all giant), cute sunglasses, a couple hats, fun nailpolish and comfy kick around shoes (i love converse brand).

thank you, hannah for such a fun series!! am happy i could suggest a few favorites of mine this month.
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  1. Loved the tips this month!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can say as a longtime friend of Lindsay that she has a lovely sense of style.

    I love jackets, too, hun. The blue one you suggested is very fun!


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