Birthday Favorite: Dating My Spouse.

I live for Date Night. We don't have a lot of time or money, so being creative to keep things exciting is a must. We occasionally do the stay-in-and-watch-a-movie night, but we also believe it is vital to a marriage to do new things. We don't want to lose the spark that we had while dating, and these dates "kindle the flame." Some of our favorite memories are our silliest dates. After 8 years of marriage, my heart still skips a beat when he walks in the room. I love being with J more than ever.

Here are some of our favorite cheap date night ideas:
• Drive to the local scenic outlook. Bring a picnic and eat while enjoying the lights of the city.
• Go shopping in a mall, each with $5. Give yourselves a time limit and buy something (our usually end up being silly) for your significant other. (We've done this twice. I love my silly trinkets and keep them on display. They bring back great memories.)
• Bake cakes. Then decorate them. (We did this once blindfolded with spatulas. It was hilarious.)
• Grab a book. Sit under a tree and read together.
• Carve pumpkins.
• Go on a walk through the city. Window shop.
• Go on a compass hike.
• Bake cookies.
• Run through the sprinklers. (I am serious.)
• Rent a bike built for two.
• Jump in rain puddles.
• Play croquet.
• Put together a puzzle.
• Have a ping-pong tournament.
• Go bird watching. Don't forget your camera and a bird-book.
• Fly kites.
• Go bowling.
• Play racquetball.
• Go to a park and throw a Frisbee.
• Skip stones on a lake.
• Go on a nature hike.
• Eat a sunrise breakfast in the mountains or park.
• Go visit a nearby waterfall with a picnic.
• Go on a bike ride through the canyon.
• Feed the ducks.
• Go for a drive with no destination in mind. Bring treats and keep the radio off.
• Hunt wild flowers.
• Spend a "survival day" in the wilderness.
• Visit a state or national park.
• Play checkers.
• Go to a store and play "The Price is Right."
• Go to the zoo.
• Watch a movie at the library.
• Visit a historical site.
• Visit a museum.
• Go to a summer theater.
• Visit a bird refuge or aviary.
• Visit an art gallery.
• Attend a ballet or theater performance.
• Go on a progressive dinner date; eating each course at a different restaurant. (I highly recommend sharing each course. This can be expensive and a lot of food.)

We like to keep a jar of ideas and pull one out when we want to be spontaneous. I hope this gives you and your spouse/boyfriend some good ideas! Our next date is tomorrow night....we are going to see HARRY POTTER. I am way too excited...


  1. These are some fabulous ideas, Hannah. It takes time together to keep your marriage strong and healthy...and it doesn't take a lot of money.

  2. I'm printing off the list. I think we will work our way down. We need a little motivation in the "being creative" part of our marriage.

  3. is this list similar to that of a fortune cookie where you add "in bed" after you read your fortune? But in this case you would add "with your clothes off"? ;) I know, completely and entirely inappropriate. (My husband would be so disappointed in me.)

    You can totally erase my non-family friendly blog comment... I just couldn't resist :D

  4. okay, too fun.
    you sealed the deal. Aaron and I have been talking about how we need to start going on dates, and seeing your post pushed me over the edge. I'm calling babysitters. It's decided.
    Long live Date Nights! :)
    thanks, hannah banana.

    p.s. maybe you hate that I call you that? I don't know why I do it so often. :) hA!! let me know if you're a hater of the name.

  5. @Ginnie: You crack me up.
    @Melimba: I love the name! You better not stop. It reminds me of high school.

  6. such great ideas! love the progressive meal--we'll have to try that one:)

  7. Thanks for the list. My husband and I have been going through some tough times and have resolved to make Date Nights a priority, so this list is perfect. B/c we don't have a lot of time and/or money right now either. Can't wait to surprise him with some of these ideas.

  8. that picture of you two is so cute! i really love all these 'birthday favorite' ideas.. thanks for sharing hannah.

    i hope you enjoy Harry Potter (review please!) and have a super happy birthday.

    can't wait to try those bath fizzies.. where do i find citric acid??

  9. @marta: You can get citric acid at any store that sells soap supplies or at a health food store. (It is much cheaper at the health food stores.) I have also heard you can buy it very cheaply through a beer-making store.

    I bought mine at Sunflower Market.

  10. We try to get 1-2 date nights a month. I love the idea list and will have to try some of those for sure:)
    Ginnie you cracked me up too LOL!!! and Happy Birthday Hannah:)

  11. what great ideas.... I love them all. Making my cookie jar now. Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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