Nov May I Suggest: Crafts.

I love colorful cardstock all lined up in a row. My favorite brand is Papertrey Ink. I have looked, but have yet to find a brand comparable in quality. I love the vibrant colors and the ultra-thick weight. Seriously fantastic for card making. (Nothing worse than a flimsy card that wont stand when you want it on display.) Also love that these are non-textured. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

There are so many wonderful options and tools to make just about anything these days when it comes to crafts. If I had to pick just one brand to say I would suggest – definitely Martha Stewart Crafts. Her timeless elegance can be found in just about every tool; from scissors, punches, and even inks. In my town there is Michael’s just about every 10 minutes so it is also nice to have a brick and mortar store to pick out colors and play with each item before purchase. The prices are reasonable and the products are top notch in quality. And her color choices are always ahead of the trends. My latest favorite is her fabulous circle cutter…no runaway paper!

I'm not crafty.  If anything I am artsy.  I do have a lot of friends that are all the queens of crafty and's just not me.  Anyway, I do love seeing how others get their craft on.  Lately I've been following a blog where this girl takes $1 a day for 365 days and buys a thrifted dress and turns it into something trendy and cute.  Some of the frocks she finds I think  "There is no way she can make this look even remotely cute!", but she does.  Check her out and watch her segment on the Nate Berkus show.

Hands Down our favorite thing to use when crafting is GLITTER!  It’s sparkly and fun and makes everything cuter.  We love using glitter on numbers, letters, skeletons, greeting cards … anything really.  And our favorite tip for working with glitter - paint the base of whatever you’re glittering the same color as your glitter!  This way, if your glitter starts to flake off, no one notices!

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  1. Last night I was literally dreaming about your sorted paper shelf. I want it. I need cardstock in order to make cards. I am thinking about adding it to my christmas wish list.

  2. I love their card stock too and the MS supplies Hannah. i hope you had a fantastic BIRTHDAY:)

  3. Thank you so much Hannah for featuring me this past month! It was so much fun!!! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


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