Nov May I Suggest: Home Decor.

I have always loved home decorating. When I was younger my mom was always redecorating a different room every couple of months and I loved to play along. I almost went to school for interior decorating but decided my skills were better used as a graphic designer. After school I got a part time holiday job at Pier 1 Imports and fell in LOVE with this store. Their products are top quality and they always seem to be ahead of the latest trends. They support many special charity causes and truly provide gorgeous home décor items from gorgeous glassware, beautiful table settings, candles, and even curtains that make any window a work of art. I would rate the prices as mid to high but when you scope out the clearance racks you can usually find some precious treasures for a great price.

Anything white and ceramic is always a great piece of decor.  It's clean and classic.  Jonathan Adler is a master at this or you can go a more thrifty way and check out your local Ikea for some of their home decor items that are white ceramic (vases, etc.).  I personally, just added these ceramic owls to my Christmas wish list.  Love them!

To be clear, we’re talking about containers that are cream in color, not containers that hold creamer. We love using cream colored containers as vases around the house. They go with almost every décor, can be found for pennies at estate sales and antique stores, and never look out of date.



  2. Very cute. I love that pumpkin set up. Can you come do that in my house?
    Love the owls.

  3. All these items are looking very nice and innovative. These kind of set ups will change the look of the house. I liked the pumpkin shaped candle holders.


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