Nov May I Suggest: Kitchen.

Meet my 10-year-old whisk. Older than all three of my children combined, and yet looking brand new. Made finely by OXO, the measly $9 is well worth the money. I have a hard time using other whisks now. The handle is comfortable and the metal is sturdy without being too stiff. Highly recommended. It is my partner in baking crime.


First up a question I'm always asked because people always hear me saying how much I love eating artichokes is how to eat a whole artichoke.  We're talking a whole steamed artichoke and none of this dip nonsense (good nonsense though it may be).  There's no better way to eat an artichoke, in my opinion, than steaming it and dipping it in a little vinaigrette dressing.  Check out the step by step way that I prefer to eat this beautiful vegetable.  Try it, I dare you
Second kitchen item that I just adore are latte bowls.  They are eye candy and I swear make anything you eat in them taste ten times better!  They also can double as some cute kitchen decor as well.  Anthropologie has my favorite hues and the price isn't too'll be surprised!

Choosing our favorite thing for the kitchen was hands down the hardest choice we had to make.  Do we pick a recipe?  A tool?  An ingredient?  And then, it hit us … SPRINKLES!  From cupcakes to cookies to rice treats (you know the ones), sprinkles make everything look like a party!  And, they usually make you smile.

When it comes to the kitchen, I have one leading lady I always turn to – Paula Deen. If you have ever watched Food Network or been to Savannah, GA then you have definitely heard about this fabulous southern Belle. She is absolutely amazing in the kitchen and truly an icon for all women cooks. Her recipes are rooted in southern comfort and usually involve at least a stick of butter. One of my favorite recipes by Paula Deen is her delicious Green Bean Casserole. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing and show earlier this year and she was just as hilarious and charismatic in person. And her desserts are just heaven!!

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  1. My kids like to have sprinkles in their yogurt. They have even put it in applesauce before.

  2. My favorite kitchen utensil is my Pampered Chef spatula. I can leave it in a pot with bowling anything and it doesn't melt or get hot. It is amazing and virtually non-destructible. Thanks to whoever gave it to me as a wedding gift! I will never part with it.

  3. I also swear by my OXO wisk! It's also a love of my toddler who weasles it out of the drawer and I find it all over the house, today in my makeup drawer.

    I also put cinnamon sugar in a small salt shaker for my kids, I got tired of buying sprinkles and they love it just the same and they can do it themselves.

  4. I have some of those latte bowls and love them!
    I need to try out some more of Paula Deen's recipes :)

  5. clorox wipes ..... these are a must in my kingdom oops i mean kitchen since i sell my goods at the local farmers market and breakfast cafes in town ....the wipes help keep my counters free of those nasty germs that could cause a problem for my delicious organic goods

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