You're Invited.

I'm a singer. Always have been. I've been involved with choirs, musicals and voice lessons since I was very young. And before that, I would stand on my bed and pretend to be preforming in front of the mirror. Since graduating high school, I haven't had the opportunity to be in many choirs, and I've got the itch. A need to sing and use my voice. (If you know of an adult choir in Utah...let me know!) 

My sweet friend, AnnDee, invited me to be in a choir that will be performing the Messiah this year. It's been a thrill; temporarily satisfying my need to sing. (Will be very sad when it is over.)

I would LOVE for you to come to our concert! Here's the info:
The Pleasant Grove Orchestra and Chorus Present G.F. Handel's MESSIAH.
A community sing-in with soloists.
Conducted by Jim Wilcock.
Friday December 3, 2010
7:00 PM in the Pleasant Grove High School Auditorium.
Bring Your Own Music
Sponsored by Pleasant Grove City and Pleasant Grove Arts Commission


  1. That sounds wonderful.
    I'd love to come for sure... but you know, guess it'll be hard to book an international flight on short notice *ha ha*

  2. I saw this advertised and decided that I was GOING! Love the Messiah, love sing-ins, love FREE! But, alas, our ward party is the same night. I'm bummed. Even more bummed knowing that you'll be there!

  3. Wish I could come! I love Handel. Best wishes for a fabulous performance.

  4. If only the performance was 2 weeks later.
    Break a leg!

  5. Oh, too bad it is too far for me, I would love to see you sing.

  6. how exciting! I know all about music itchs... :) I was in orchestra when I was in high school, the utah youth symphony, and we played the messiah. I loved every minute of it! I live pretty close so I just might have to come :)

  7. Ah man! I so wish I could go but we will be out of town :( Hope you have fun!

  8. Ah, memories and traditions. Wish I could be there - but there's that darn Pacific Ocean in the way.


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