Belated Birthday Wishes.

"Oh, Life!"

A frequent exasperation leaving my lips as of late. Life doesn't want to settle in our home. Uneventful days seem out of reach. It's an adventure, that's for sure. An adventure that I'm glad to be in with Jason.

He is my perfect fit. We thrive on each others' strengths. We carry each other when weak. We crave each others' company and live for our late-night chats.

Jason thrives on simplicity. He is the calm in our storm. He keeps me sane and helps me to handle it all. A breath of fresh air when I am suffocating in life's stuff.

Jason is an outdoors-man. An adventurer. A climber. A hiker. An explorer. If he sees a cave, we must stop the hike, climb to it and investigate. He dreams of living in the mountains on a ranch with horses. So glad that country-boy fell in love with this city-girl. (After 8.5 years of marriage, our roots seem to be melding. Idaho now feels like my second home and Jason is comfortable in traffic.)

Jason is an athlete. He is fantastic at sports; any sport. I don't know how he does it. Perhaps it is my lack of coordination that makes me awe at his natural abilities. His expertise is basketball. Boy, can that boy jump! Right over guys a foot taller. It's almost funny what polar opposites we are in the athletic regard. I'm glad he finds my lack of coordination amusing.

Jason is a chocoholic. A true, rich and dark chocolate lover. He is known for saying, "If it doesn't have chocolate, it isn't dessert." I like his thinking!

Jason is healthy, despite his chocolate addiction. Conscious of his body and what he puts in it. He cheers on my efforts to buy natural and whole. He snacks on fruit.

Jason is witty. A thick, dry humor. No one can get me giggling like him.

Jason is a hard worker. A doer. A completer. Dependable to the end. He sets goals and accomplishes them. Despite some personal challenges, he is top of his class. He has to put in more effort than most to get his grades, but he does it. He makes me proud.

Jason is gentle. Tender-hearted, soft-spoken, in-tune. He is the kindest soul I know. When his life gets hectic, he worries about me. He always puts himself last. A sweet husband. A true gentleman.

Jason loves me and I love him back. It doesn't get any better than that!

When I think of my marriage, my exasperated "Oh, Life!" changes to an exhilarated "Oh, Life!" Jason makes my life better. Jason gives me joy.

Happy Birthday, Babe! I love you!

Other News:
• Thanks to all who purchased the $1 Twelve Days download! It is still available! Click here to get one for yourself!
• Will be back before noon today with a chocolate recipe dedicated to my main squeeze.
• A weekend report coming soon. Our first December weekend was quite eventful!
• An exciting giveaway will be posted tomorrow!


  1. So sweet! And that photo.. priceless!

  2. Thanks Jas for being a great support to my best friend and sister!

  3. We love you Jason! Happy, happy (be-lated) birthday!

  4. Yes! You guys are really inspiring!
    May this year have wonderful surprises for you both.


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